Terrapin Resources
Volume 3, Number 3
Spring 2008

Welcome to the spring issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

New Format for Logo Curriculum
><i>Logo Works: Lessons in Logo</i>

Logo Works: Lessons in Logo, the popular step-by-step guide to Logo programming is now available in a new Class Pack PDF format. Logo Works contains 46 sequential lessons based on turtle graphics, each of which includes worksheets, activities, and challenges.

Logo Works begins with moving the turtle and progresses through repeating, angles, "the total turtle trip," up to writing procedures and super procedures and incorporating recursion. By dividing tasks and concepts into discrete lessons, Logo Works allows teachers to tie lessons to class periods and pace learning for individual students and classes.

The new PDF format facilitates this by making it simple for teachers to print individual lessons and worksheets as needed for use at their school. The Class Pack also includes the Logo Works Teacher's Manual which offers suggestions and directions for using Logo Works lessons along with hints on points to emphasize, potential problem areas, and ways to guide computer activities. The new Logo Works Class Pack provides a comprehensive Logo introduction and programming course in a very convenient format.

Crystal Rain Forest Excites Students from Coast to Coast!
Student navigating river

Crystal Rain Forest makes students in Georgia and California enthusiastic learners according to Cindy McCormick , Gifted and Talented teacher at Arcado Elementary School in Lilburn, GA and Jayme Johnson, Director of Academic Technology at the Village School in Pacific Palisades, CA. Both use Crystal Rain Forest in 2nd grade and say it is difficult to get students away from the computer when class is over. At Village School, Ms. Johnson lets 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students use computers during free time and says they always ask to play Crystal Rain Forest .

At Arcado Elementary, Crystal Rain Forest is used over a 9-week period after Ms. McCormick introduces movement concepts using the Roamer turtle robot. She says that Crystal Rain Forest develops students' measurement, estimation, and map skills and overall logical and convergent thinking. "My students are proud to complete each activity," according to Ms. McCormick. "They love knowing degrees so they can navigate the river." (as an Arcado student is doing in the photo above)

At Village School, Crystal Rain Forest is used in the last trimester during a rain forest immersion unit. Ms. Johnson introduces sequencing, turning and estimation with Bee-Bot robots and then uses Crystal Rain Forest to reinforce and extend these skills. "Crystal Rain Forest is an integral part of our programming spiral," says Ms. Johnson, "providing a great link between Bee-Bots and Logo."

Both schools have upgraded to the recently-released Version 2 and the teachers find the new features improve the program. "The new engine immobilizer was a challenge and my students were really excited when they figured it out," according to Ms. McCormick. Ms. Johnson said that the new integrated record-keeping functions eliminate her need to keep paper records on student progress. The combination of student motivation, ease of use, and skill-building activities makes Crystal Rain Forest a great educational tool for any school.

Logo Bibliography Available
Logo bibliography

Terrapin has an extensive collection of Logo books which has now been compiled into a bibliography that may be reviewed on line . These books represent many years of writing about Logo and its use as a learning and teaching tool. The bibliography can serve as a reference for research on Logo history or an inspiration for ideas on Logo projects.

Terrapin hopes to expand the bibliography into an inclusive list of Logo publications. If you have or know of a Logo book that should be added to the list, please contact Terrapin with the information and we will be happy to include it.

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    Crystal Rain Forest is available for preview in the Education Software Library at the State University of New York at Buffalo which was established to help area teachers more readily integrate technology into their classroom environments. Contact the library to try it out or for more information.

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