Terrapin Resources
Volume 4, Number 1
Fall 2008

Welcome to the fall issue of Turtle Talk,
the quarterly Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

New Terrapin Logo Version 3 Now Available
Terrapin Logo Version 3 offers many new features.

Terrapin has released new Version 3 of Terrapin Logo. Version 3 optimizes Terrapin Logo for the latest computers and adds requested features. These new capabilities make Logo even easier to use and more fun.

Many new features in Terrapin Logo v. 3 visually reinforce Logo concepts, including an optional grid for the Graphics window, visual views of workspace contents, a new list editor, and an expanded debugging dashboard. Visual heading and active object indicators simplify working with multiple objects.

A new Preferences menu allows quick customization of the Logo environment. " Drag, drop, and go ," natural headings , and visual rotation simplifies animation while new multiple turtle primities makes controlling many turtles as easy as one. Version 3 extends robotics support with Lego NXT commands and a Bee-Bot emulation program.

An economical upgrade path allows current Terrapin Logo users to take advantage of the new features in Version 3 which make Terrapin Logo an even more valuable economic resource.

Learn more about Terrapin Logo Version 3...

FGCU Offers On-line Logo Course for Teachers
Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University is offering EME 6413, Teaching with Logo, a graduate level on-line course in Logo programming for teachers. The course will intially cover Logo programming basics and then delve into a variety of Logo projects, each of which can be adapted to students of different ages and levels.

Teaching with Logo begins on January 5 and extends until April 20. Coursework is done on-line so students from anywhere may participate, though Florida residents qualify for in-state tuition. Those completing the course receive 3 hours of graduate credit from FGCU. Limited spaces for auditing the course at no charge are available with approval from Professor Patrick Greene .

Logo—Bee-Bot Connection in Version 3
Bee-Bot emulation in Terrapin Logo

New Terrapin Logo Version 3 includes a Bee-Bot emulation to help the transition from using Bee-Bot to Logo programming. The Bee-Bot program is automatically installed in the Examples/Robots folder with Terrapin Logo v. 3. Load Bee-Bot.lgo into Logo, click the directional buttons with the mouse, click GO, and watch Bee-Bot traverse the screen!

Click the buttons and the corresponding commands appear in the window below. This records the program making it simple for students to move from controlling Bee-Bot to programming the Logo turtle.

The Bee-Bot program shows Terrapin Logo capabilities that may be utilized in other projects. including turning images, multiple windows, mouse-driven controls, and interactive dialogs.

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  • New Terrapin Logo Version 3 Now Available
  • FGCU Offers On-line Logo Course for Teachers
  • Logo—Bee-Bot Connection in Version 3
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