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Volume 5, Number 1
Back to School 2009

Welcome to the back to school issue of Turtle Talk,
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Embark on Logo Adventures
Logo Adventures

Logo Adventures is the latest in the line-up of Terrapin curriculum materials that support the use of Logo in general and Terrapin Logo in particular. Logo Adventures offers a general course in computer programming utilizing special Terrapin Logo features. Logo Adventures covers classic turtle graphics, but focuses on using buttons, controls, the Toolbox, shapes, and the Shape Editor with projects that include tessellations, animations, free-form drawing, stories, and story boards.

Logo Adventures is targeted for students age 10 and up who are beginning to learn programming. Each of the 26 consecutive lessons contains 3-7 pages of material and is designed for a single class period. Logo Adventures was written with homeschooling in mind, but works well in any learning environment. A handy answer key in the back helps adult tutors work through the materials with their students.

Author Phyllis Wheeler notes that "Programming is a great exercise in problem-solving and stretches your brain! Many of today's professional programmers began by learning Logo as children. Many elements in Terrapin Logo allow a student to be creative. I want students who use this book to enjoy the class and, above all, to create something new, all their own."

Through September 30, get free shipping on Logo Adventures to U.S. destinations and half-price shipping ($7.50) to other countries. Act quickly to take advantage of this offer and embark on your own Logo adventure!

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Introduction to Programming in New Delhi
American Embassy School students work on Logo projects

Grade 9-12 students at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India without prior programming experience learn introductory programming using Terrapin Logo. Through the course, students gain an understanding of logical problem-solving, organize and sequence commands, develop a modular approach to programming, construct algorithms, and use debugging techniques to fix errors.

According to IB/AP Computer Science Teacher Anjana Jain , the course uses Terrapin Logo "because it is easy, interactive, intuitive with a simple syntax, and a lot of fun. Terrapin is great with updates, has materials for students and teachers, and gives great technical support."

Two American Embassy School students shared their projects via Terrapin's web site. Tic Tac Toe is the classic game developed in Logo by a grade 9 student. Fly Escape , written by a grade 12 student, requires quick navigation of a "fly" between ever changing fly paper to avoid getting stuck. Both projects show that Logo allows even introductory students to create appealing interactive games while developing their programming skills.

NECC Attendees Try Out Terrapin Products
Terrapin Booth at NECC

Attendees at the National Educational Computing Conference held June 29 - July 1 enjoyed seeing and trying Terrapin products in Terrapin's booth in the exhibit hall. Bee-Bot attracted much attention and most could not resist trying out the little robot. (Observation: Kindergartners usually do better at controlling Bee-Bot than adults!)

Terrapin president Bill Glass was joined in the booth by Go, Logo! author Marla Weiss and Tech Resources consultant Laurie Heikkila . All enjoyed seeing old friends and making new acquaintances.

As Terrapin develops a conference schedule for the new school year, we would like to know what conferences you attend and recommend. Please contact us and let us know the best places for Terrapin to be.

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