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Volume 5, Number 2
Fall 2009

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Unlimited Challenges with Pro-Bot Route Mat
Pro-Bot Route Mat

Chart a course and send Pro-Bot on its way with the new Pro-Bot Route Mat! The Pro-Bot Route Mat offers unlimited navigational challenges. With many choices of which way to go, students are motivated to carefully plan a path for Pro-Bot and program the robot to follow it. Calculating distances, angles, and turns to complete the route builds planning, estimation, and math skills.

The Pro-Bot Route Mat allows students to start with the straight and narrow and then move on to the long and winding road as their Pro-Bot programming skills are developed. The Route Mat includes geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and a circle that can be followed alone or in combination along with free form shortcuts that add new challenges. Appealing bright colors help students to organize their routes.

The Pro-Bot Route Mat is made of durable vinyl and measures 42" by 60" providing plenty of room for Pro-Bot to roam.

Check out the Pro-Bot Route Mat...

Technology Education on Cape Cod
Sen. Kennedy at Harwich Elementary

Technology is a favorite subject at Harwich Elementary School on Cape Cod, in Harwich, MA. Students in all grades enjoy the experience of using Roamer and Bee-Bot robots and programming with Terrapin Logo .

Harwich Elementary is a regional leader in technology education. The late Senator Ted Kennedy, who lived in neighboring Hyannisport, was a supporter of Harwich's technology program. As shown in the photo on the right, he visited on Technology Day when students demonstrated their programming and robotic skills to parents and friends.

"We have used Roamers and Logo with upper grade students for many years," reports Technology Directory Larry Brookhart . "The addition of Bee-Bots allows us to extend technology experience to the youngest grades as well. Students of all ages are motivated by the chance to program on or off the computer."

Find What You Need with New Search Function

A new search funcion on Terrapin's web site makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Visit www.terrapinlogo.com for information on Terrapin products and a convenient way to order them. A wide variety of other useful information is also available, including answers to frequently asked questions, stories of how Terrapin products are used, an archive of Turtle Talk issues, and a wealth of Logo resources . Look for Logo project ideas , tips and tools for using Logo, and the complete Logo on-line help , with definition, syntax, and examples for every Logo command.

The search box appears in the main menu on the left side of each web page. Simply type in what you are searching for and click the Search button. A new page appears with links related to your term. Click a link to navigate to the information you want. Try it here:

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Terrapin is constantly expanding its web site. Contact us to contribute a customer story or to tell us what additional information or resources you would like to see available.

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    Cristy McBee, author of Bee-Bot Lessons , will conduct Technology Boot Camp at the upcoming T&L Conference in Denver, Colorado. If you are at the conference, be sure to attend the session on Thursday, October 29 at 9:30 a.m. to learn how Bee-Bots and other innovative technology products are used to increase motivation and boost academic achievement in a joint project between neighboring school districts.

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    The Old Schoolhouse magazine, a premier publication for the homeschool community, has reviews of Crystal Rain Forest and Terrapin Logo on its web site. According to the reviewers, both products work great in a homeschool environment.

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