Terrapin Resources
Volume 6, Number 4
Summer 2011

Welcome to the summer issue of Turtle Talk,
the Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

New On-line Logo Math Course
Logo Math Course

A new on-line Logo course is now available as a classroom resource, for self-paced study, or for continuing education credit. Created by Professor Kathryn Shafer of Ball State University, the 4-week 12-lesson on-line course uses Logo to explore the basics of shape and measurement. The course is targeted for students in grades 6-10 and is a great resource for math teachers of that age group. It also works well in homeschooling and other independent study environments and provides a fun challenge for any adult learners.

Each lesson thoroughly explores a geometry and measurement concept, bringing it alive through interactive Logo programming. Lessons are sequential and each introduces new math vocabulary and Logo commands, building on what has already been learned. Completing the course builds a strong foundation in both Logo and geometry and allows students to create fun and colorful math-based projects.

The course may be taken for Continuing Education credit from Ball State University School of Distance Education in either a self-paced or four-week format.

Learn more about the new online Logo course

Bee-Bots Buzz into Boston
Counting with Bee-Bot

With the assistance of STEM Curriculum Consultant Judy Robinson of Alpha-Robotics, use of Bee-Bots is being piloted in seven Boston Public Schools as part of a K-12 Engineering Pathway Grant initiated by TechBoston, the district-wide office that oversees technology integration in Boston Public Schools. Funding was secured for multiple Bee-Bots at each school along with teacher training and development of supporting materials.

The initiative began with in-class demonstrations of using Bee-Bots and was followed by teacher workshops to show best practices and allow teachers to share ideas and develop teaching strategies for using Bee-Bots. Alpha-Robotics provided a range of materials to facilitate use of Bee-Bots for a variety of lessons. A number line reinforces math skills, alphabet mats are used for language arts, and science and engineering mats introduce those subjects with Bee-Bot providing motivation for students to learn.

Ms. Robinson reports that Bee-Bots are especially good at cutting across language and cultural barriers in the ethnically diverse Boston Public Schools. "Students of all backgrounds want to try the Bee-Bot and most quickly master programming the Bee-Bot to travel on different paths on any mat."

Using Logo to Create Art
Logo art gallery

Internationally-known Danish artist and sculptor Jørgen Minor has long been fascinated with using Logo to create art. As he puts it, his work "demonstrates what happens when an artist meets a computer program." An exhibition of his Logo work entitled "Logo as an Art Machine" was held earlier this year in Denmark.

Mr. Minor notes that "Something seems to indicate that the simpler the programs, the more exciting the results. It is surprising how close to nature some of the simplest Logo programs come. A few commands and random - and you are in Darwin's world. In spite of Logo's close relation to mathematics and logic it is a really good action painter!"

Images created by Mr. Minor , showing in succession at left, are available on the Terrapin web site along with the Logo programs that created them. Download the programs and try them yourself. You will see that surprisingly simple procedures can create visually stunning images. Add your own modifications and explore how Logo can be used as a creative artistic medium.

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