Terrapin Resources
Volume 7, Number 4
Summer 2012

Welcome to the summer issue of Turtle Talk,
the Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Logo Library Summer Sale!
Full Shelf Logo Library

Take a break from the heat this summer to explore with Logo and keep your thinking sharp while school is out! To encourage that, Terrapin has put the entire Logo Library on sale at 20% off while the summer lasts.

The Logo Library offers a wide range of materials with Logo instruction and projects for every age and experience level. "Which Logo book is best for me?" can help you choose the item that best fits your situation and Logo experience.

The sale applies to everything in the Logo Library. To obtain the discount, simply choose the item(s) you want and enter coupon code SUMMER in the shopping cart. Hurry because the offer only lasts while summer does, until September 22.

Peruse the Logo Library...

Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot Star in Texas Summer Program
Texas students solve a Bee-Bot problem.

Bee-Bots and Pro-Bots were the featured tools in the Community in Schools Introductory Robotics course this summer at Akin Elementary School in Hale Center, TX. Teacher Lester Carr, author of Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot, welcomed students from grades 1 - 8 to the over-subscribed month-long course.

Students in grades 1-4 used Bee-Bot, with younger students solving Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot Level 1 challenges and older students starting out with Level 2. Students in grades 5-8 learned to calculate angles and develop complex paths with Pro-Bot and the Pro-Bot Route Mat. They had a great time teaching Pro-Bot to draw geometric shapes using the built-in pen holder.

According to Mr. Carr, students enthusiastically embraced the robots. "At the beginning there was some head scratching and comments like 'I didn't tell it to go there, did I?' or 'Why did it go THERE?' but soon the students solved the challenges with high-fives and bright smiles all around."

Bee-Bot Emulation in Terrapin Logo
Bee-Bot emulation in Terrapin Logo

As a "turtle" robot, Bee-Bot shares in the long, rich Logo heritage. Moving and programming Bee-Bot is very similar to controlling the Logo screen turtle. By including a Bee-Bot emulation program, Terrapin Logo ties the two even more closely together.

Bee-Bot.LGO can be loaded into Terrapin Logo from the Examples/Robots folder on the Terrapin CD or from the Terrapin web site. Load the program into Terrapin Logo and the turtle is transformed into a Bee-Bot that is controlled by using the mouse to press images of Bee-Bot buttons. A grid to guide programming is optional.

Bee-Bot emulation extends the Bee-Bot learning environment to the computer. Because it is a Logo program, the code can be studied and extended as desired. Terrapin welcomes suggestions for additional features to enhance its use.

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    The Logo Pro language core and user interface are now complete. Support for Finch and Parallax S2 robots is already built in. Terrapin is looking for volunteer beta testers to help find any bugs and provide suggestions to make Logo Pro work better. Those who are experienced with Logo and programming in general and/or robot control would be most welcome to help. Contact us for more information.

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