Terrapin Resources
Volume 8, Number 1
Back to School 2012

Welcome to the back to school issue of Turtle Talk,
the Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Back to School with 'Bots!
Start the school year with robots!

Add some excitement to the new school year by introducing robots into the classroom. Robots boost student enthusiasm while developing planning, estimation, counting, and critical thinking skills. Terrapin has Bee-Bots, Pro-Bots, and accessories ready to go.

Bee-Bot is targeted at K-2 students. While easy to understand and simple to operate, Bee-Bot develops complex reasoning capabilities. Bee-Bot promotes STEM concepts and motivates study of other subjects.

Pro-Bot is Bee-Bot's "big brother," targeted at students in 3rd grade and up. Pro-Bot is ideal to introduce as students start studying angles. With sensors, sub-procedures, and drawing capability, Pro-Bot provides immersion in robotics concepts as well as a motivating, hands-on experience in programming.

Terrapin has the full line of Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot products. Contact Terrapin to learn how robots can add excitement and boost learning in your classroom!

Bee-Bot Videos at Chickering School
Chickering Elementary students spell with Bee-Bot.

Bee-Bots are a big hit with kindergartners and first-graders at Chickering Elementary School in Dover, Massachusetts. Technology Integrator Stephen Harte introduced Bee-Bots and a variety of mats to his students who responded by creating learning games.

Kindergartners constructed mazes for Bee-Bot to traverse while first-graders use Bee-Bot to spell "trick words" on the Alphabet Mat, find magic numbers on the Number Line, and gather money on the Coin Mat. Mr. Harte recorded these activities and shares them on TheTechIntegrator YouTube channel. Check them out for great classroom ideas.

Logo Interaction with McQuizWiz
McQuizWiz Logo Quiz Program

McQuizWiz is a set of Logo procedures that makes it easy to create multiple choice quizzes with Terrapin Logo. Developed by Terrapin Tutorial author Stan Munson, McQuizWiz is simple and fun while providing an easy-to-understand example of Logo programming techniques.

McQuizWiz utilizes Terrapin Logo's file handling to read in questions and answers and can be used to create quizzes of any length or subject. Program controls provide an intuitive user interface. Randomization rearranges questions and answers to make every quiz different. Automatic score management keeps track of the results.

Complete instructions are available for McQuizWiz so you can quickly create quizzes. Try the sample quizzes and then download the McQuizWiz source code for tips and tools to enhance your own Logo programming.

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  • Back to School with 'Bots!
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