Terrapin Resources
Volume 8, Number 2
Holiday 2012

Welcome to the holiday issue of Turtle Talk,
the Logo newsletter from Terrapin Software.

Holiday Specials with Free Shipping
Terrapin Holiday Specials make great gifts

Terrapin is offering special pricing and free shipping on popular products during the holiday season. Terrapin products combine fun and learning, so the holiday specials make great gifts.

Try Bee-Bot and Kinderlogo for the youngest learners or the Introduction to Programming Bundle for the budding programmer. Explore robotics with Pro-Bot or use the holiday vacation for a fun review of math concepts with the Math Tutoring Package.

Holiday specials are available only through December 31, so hurry and order. Be sure to place your order by December 18 to assure Christmas delivery.

See the holiday specials...

Bee-Bot Arrives in the Himalayas
Pokhara students heading to Treasure Island

Bee-Bot has arrived at the Pokhara Learning Centre in Pokhara, Nepal to cheers from the students there. Class One students, from five to seven years old, quickly learned what each Bee-Bot button did and how to sequence the button presses to send Bee-Bot on the route they devised.

Sending Bee-Bot around the Treasure Island Mat was preparation for an upcoming field trip to a nearby island in the middle of a lake. Students used the planning and mapping skills they developed with Bee-Bot to plan their own island trip where a "treasure" was concealed for them to find.

Pokhara Learning Centre Principal Sue Kemp noted that Bee-Bot "really boosted students' understanding of coordinates" as well as generating a great deal of enthusiasm.

New Kinderlogo Web Site
Kinderlogo web site

Kinderlogo, Terrapin's Logo-based activities for K-3 students, now has its own web site. There you will find extensive information and resources for successfully using Kinderlogo at home or in the classroom. These include activities and illustrations for each level of the program as well as a gallery of images created by students using Kinderlogo.

Kinderlogo utilizes the Logo turtle as a learning tool and includes both structured and open-ended activities. Kinderlogo is sequenced so that each activity reinforces and builds on the commands and concepts learned previously.

Kinderlogo author Dorothy Fitch manages the computer lab for 650 K-2 students at Sahuarita Primary School in Sahuarita, AZ where Kinderlogo activities were thoroughly tested! She welcomes feedback from other teachers using Kinderlogo as well as ideas and images to enhance the Kinderlogo web site.

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    Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat
    Treasure Island Mat is back!
    Treasure Island is a fun place for Bee-Bot to explore. Bee-Bot can visit a waterfall, beach, ship, cave, volcano, sharks, and even an alligator! Treasure Island inspires creative narratives as students navigate Bee-Bot from place to place. Built-in grid and coordinates, with each feature in its own square, develop and reinforce mapping skills.

    Computer Science K-8
    Computer Science K-8:
    Building a Strong Foundation

    is a new publication from the Computer Science Teachers Association. The publication contains examples of and provides resources for implementing key computer science content into elementary and middle school classrooms.

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