Terrapin Resources
Volume 8, Number 3
Winter 2013

Welcome to the winter issue of Turtle Talk,
the Logo newsletter from Terrapin.

New Bee-Bot Backpack and Hive
Bee-Bot Backpack

Safely store and transport Bee-Bots in the new Bee-Bot Backpack! Specifically designed just for Bee-Bot, the Bee-Bot Backpack is sturdy and attractive, made of durable water-resistant nylon and decked out in Bee-Bot black and yellow. Configure interior pockets with simple velcro fasteners to accommodate up to six Bee-Bots at once. Handles and straps make it easy to carry the Bee-Bot Backpack as a backpack or a carrying case. Three interior and three exterior zippered pockets store additional classroom supplies. The Bee-Bot Backpack is perfect to move Bee-Bots from class to class or school to school and for safely storing Bee-Bots when not in use.

Fill the Bee-Bot Backpack with six Bee-Bots to create a Bee-Bot Hive and enjoy a discount on the Bee-Bots and get the backpack free. This configuration provides an economical and convenient way to bring multiple Bee-Bots into a school. Release a hive of Bee-Bots and watch the excitement and learning take off!

Check out the Bee-Bot Hive...

Vista Teach Promotes STEM in Rochester
Vista Teach News Report

"Can you imagine Kindergartners and first graders studying engineering and robotics?" is the question that begins a television news report about the activities of Vista Teach Instructional Services, an educational enhancement company that develops and brings STEM activities to schools near Rochester, NY. Vista Teach uses Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot, Kinderlogo, and other products to teach STEM concepts and principles at Allendale Columbia and other area schools.

The goal of the program is to immerse young students in programming and robotics concepts early and show how much fun they can be to spark interest in pursuing STEM careers later. Vista Teach Director Sue Sorrentino notes that students are using the same concepts as software, mechanical, and electrical engineers and having fun doing so. "Once they're hooked, they go for it," Sorrentino said. "The younger the better."

Managing Logo Programs and Files
Visual View of Logo workspace

Logo is a great environment for exploring and creating a wide variety of programs and projects. Most users want to save their work as they progress and Terrapin Logo offers a variety of file formats and great flexibility for saving procedures and files. These include workspace, environment, image, and Listener files as well as built-in commands, menus and dialogs for using them.

The right procedure for saving and loading files can vary, depending on the technical setup, the type of project, and the outcome desired. Visit the new overview of Managing Logo Programs and Files as a guide to develop the best setup for any particular situation. Careful file management avoids losing work and keeps previously developed creations and tools always at hand.

The Workspace View dialog, new in Terrapin Logo Version 3, is an additional tool for managing Logo work. Workspace View offers a visual account of all elements in Logo workspace. Like Logo use in general, learning to effectively manage Logo projects and files is great training for future technological pursuits.

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    Why Use Logo?
    Terrapin is exhibiting at ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, Texas from June 23-26. Be sure to stop by Terrapin booth # 9054 to say hello and see Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot, Terrapin Logo, Kinderlogo, and other Terrapin products.

    Why Use Logo?
    Why Use Logo?, the classic overview of Logo in education is now available in Serbo-Croation as Zašto koristiti Logo?, courtesy of Logo fan Jovana Milutinovich, a Computer Science student at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

    Bee-Bot/Kinderlogo Combo
    The new Bee-Bot/Kinderlogo Combo offers Bee-Bot and Kinderlogo at a substantial discount when purchased together. Both are targeted at K-2 students and together offer hours of on-screen and off-computer learning fun.

    phone: (800) 774 LOGO