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Volume 8, Number 4
School's Out! 2013

Welcome to the end of school year issue of Turtle Talk,
the Logo newsletter from Terrapin.

Visit Terrapin at ISTE 2013
See Terrapin at ISTE

Come see us! Terrapin is displaying in Booth # 9054 in the Exposition Hall at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference June 23-26 in San Antonio, Texas. If you will be at the conference, be sure to come by and say hello and take a look at the full range of Terrapin products.

Even if you are not attending ISTE, you can still participate. Visit Terrapin's ISTE web page to enter the raffle to win Terrapin Logo, Bee-Bot, or Pro-Bot. Download the new product sheets for each of the products.

Terrapin has a limited number of exhibition hall passes available. Contact Terrapin to obtain one if you or adult family members will be in San Antonio during ISTE but are not registered for the conference. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

Enter Terrapin's ISTE raffle...

Pro-Bot Generates Excitement at Old Town Academy
5th Grade Challenge at Old Town Academy

Pro-Bots are a big part of STEM curriculum at Old Town Academy Charter School in San Diego, CA where they are used in 2nd through 5th grades. Pro-Bot, dubbed "Racer" by the students, creates enthusiasm and motivates students to work hard to successfully accomplish their tasks.

Second graders use Pro-Bot to hit bulls-eyes. Third graders use Pro-Bot to draw shapes and knock over pegs. Fourth graders hit sequential bulls-eyes while drawing their paths to refine them. Fifth graders use Pro-Bot to knock over pegs of a certain color in a group of multicolored pegs, illustrated in the challenge pictured above.

These exercises develop planning skills and require careful measurement of distances and angles. Watch Old Town Academy students using Pro-Bot and see their excitement.

New Pro-Bot Manual Available for Download
Pro-Bot Robotics Guide

Terrapin has published Pro-Bot Robotics, a new guide to the Pro-Bot robot. Pro-Bot Robotics supplements the Pro-Bot User Guide.

Pro-Bot Robotics provides step-by-step instructions on operating Pro-Bot and accessing all of its capabilities. These include using sub-procedures and special commands and incorporating touch, sound, and light sensors into Pro-Bot programs.

Pro-Bot Robotics is an 18-page manual available in PDF format. Pro-Bot Robotics may be downloaded from the Terrapin web site at no charge.

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  • Visit Terrapin at ISTE 2013
  • Pro-Bot Generates Excitement at Old Town Academy
  • New Pro-Bot Manual Available for Download
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    Nerdy with Children features Bee-Bot
    Nerdy with Children, a new web site which "publishes nerd-worthy stories and advice for nerdy, geeky, and alternative parents" recently featured Bee-Bot. The site suggests kids design a maze and program Bee-Bot to travel through it and shows a video of kids having fun doing just that.

    CSTA Computer Science Standards
    The Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) has linked K-12 computer science standards to STEM Cluster Topics, Common Core State Standards, and to Partnership for the 21st Century Essential Skills These crosslinks help show how computer science instruction helps reinforce national educational standards.

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