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Volume 9, Number 1
Back to School 2013

Welcome to the Back to School issue of Turtle Talk,
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Bee-Bots are now rechargeable!
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The latest model of the popular Bee-Bot robot includes an internal rechargeable lithium battery. Recharge Bee-Bot via USB using the cable that accompanies each Bee-Bot. Recharging may be done through a computer USB port or directly with a USB charger. No more batteries to buy or change!

Charge overnight for a peppy Bee-Bot with a fully charged battery. When Bee-Bot is plugged in, a green charge light indicates the battery is recharging. The battery is fully charged and Bee-Bot ready to go when the light goes out. A fully charged Bee-Bot can go for hours of continuous use and days of normal classroom use.

The battery is improved but otherwise the new Bee-Bot model has the same form factor and all the same great features as the previous model. Terrapin has the new Bee-Bot in stock ready to ship and includes the rechargeable model in all bundles and combination packages.

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ISTE Raffle Winners Announced

Terrapin exhibited at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio in June. It was great to see many old friends and meet new ones while demonstrating Terrapin Logo, Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot and related products.

Booth visitors and those who visited Terrapin's ISTE web page prior to the conference entered a raffle to win Terrapin Logo, Bee-Bot, or Pro-Bot. The lucky winners have now been drawn.

Peter Pickett, Academic Technology Coordinator for the Kinkead Lower School in Houston, TX won Terrapin Logo. He is excited to see and show his teachers the latest version of Logo, having first used it at the beginning of his career. Sharon Fontenot, Technology Facilitator for the Calcasieu Parish Schools in Louisiana, won Bee-Bot. She predicts her students will both learn and have fun using it. Diane Fenly, Instructional Technology Consultant for the Edmond Public Schools in Edmond, OK, won Pro-Bot and is showing it to the technology specialists in the district elementary schools. Congratulations to the winners!

Manage Images with Logo Toolbox

The Terrapin Logo Toolbox provides a convenient and easy way to store and access images for use in Logo programs. Images in the Toolbox may be dragged and dropped directly onto the Graphics window for animation or incorporation into Logo programs.

Sections of the Toolbox are accessible through the drop down menu at the top and each section contains thumbnails of the images in it. Grab the image you want with the mouse and drop it on the Graphics window for quick and easy animation.

The Toolbox contains special sections for background images, colors, controls, turtle shapes, and tiled backgrounds. In addition, the Toolbox can hold any number of other images in the configuration of your choice. Terrapin Logo includes many example images, from Animals to Vehicles. Add your own images in the built-in categories or create additional categories and fill them.

Whatever you add will be available in the Toolbox for quick and convenient drag and drop access with a restart. Utilize the Toolbox for easier animation and to manage the image resources you need for Logo programming.

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  • Bee-Bots are now rechargeable!
  • ISTE Raffle Winners Announced
  • Manage Images with Logo Toolbox
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    The Bee-Bot Race Track Mat is back! Maneuver Bee-Bot around the twists and turns. With 27 steps from Start to Finish, the Race Track Mat provides a great experience in sequencing, planning, and directionality.

    Terrapin has been assigned New York vendor # 1100093916 for purchase of Terrapin products by schools, universities, and state agencies using the New York procurement system.

    SIGCT Programming with Robots
    Teach programming without a computer? Robots can do the job! This was a theme of ISTE's Computer Teacher Special Interest Group digital playground as well as the subject of an intriguing Technogenous blog post on "Toys that Teach Computer Programming" both of which feature Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot.

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