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Multi-User Licenses

If you have a Terrapin Logo Household license, you can skip this chapter.

This chapter is for those who administer a Terrapin Logo Multi-User license. The Multi-User license includes many extra features that make working with and organizing students as easy as possible.

When you login to Terrapin Logo, you enter your license code.

Using the license code to log in could be awkward and frustrating for students, and you may also want to keep the license code for yourself so students who leave your class cannot use it anymore.

Consequently, each Multi-User license is assigned a special name. Our system generates this name automatically, by trying to extract a meaningful name from the listed licensee’s name. If the licensee is a person, the campus name may, for example, be “jsmith”. This may not be a perfect solution, especially if the name refers to a person in the accounting department. However, as a starting point, it lets student use the campus name instead of the license code to log in to Logo. Continue to the Configuring Terrapin Logo section for information on changing the license name.

If your organization is a little larger, you may want to have better control over your student logins. Terrapin Logo offers various configuration options that let you upload a list of students with passwords. You may even choose to skip the login process altogether.

Terrapin Logo offers many more configuration options for campus license users, which we will cover in this chapter.

Desktop Version or Web Version?

So will you use the desktop executable (downloadable from https://www.terrapinlogo.com/downloads.html), or the Web version?

First: Both versions run the same version of Logo. When we post updates to Logo, both the Web page and the installed desktop executable update automatically.

The desktop version has two advantages:

  1. It offers full access to local disks. The Web version cannot save to any location other than the browser’s Downloads folder.
  2. Together with a configuration file, the desktop version can log in students silently without having students enter any login information.

Also, the desktop executable changes infrequently, maybe once per year. It needs to be deployed to student computers, however, but a skilled administrator can take care of this task easily.

The Web version has these points in favor:

  1. No installation or setup is required. Students enter a link, log in and are ready to go.
  2. The Web version is available on any modern browser, including tablets and even smartphones.

It is up to you to decide which version is most convenient for you.

Admins: How to install silently

Logo installers can be run silently in Administrator modes. Here are the commands:

Windows: path-to-terrapinlogo-xxxxx.exe /S (note the capital /S)

Mac OS: installer -store -pkg path-to-terrapinlogo-xxxxx.pkg -target /

If you need to modify the logo.conf file (see next page), you will have to deploy that file separately.

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