Terrapin Resources

Manage the Classroom

Classroom Manager allows the teacher to communicate online with the entire classroom or with individual students providing an additional method of instructional support.

This feature in Classroom allows a teacher to;

  • view all students who are logged into classroom
  • broadcast a message to the entire class
  • provide help to individual students
  • send programming suggestions to a student’s Editor Panel
  • upload a student’s Logo environment
  • log-out all student sessions
  • receive questions from students

Access Classroom Manager

Teachers and Students select *Tools Chat*.

The Classroom Manager

The teacher’s Chat dialog is divided into three section. The left section displays all students of a class, with online students in green and offline students in red. The middle section contains a set of buttons, and the right section is the teacher’s chat window.

The teachers name is displayed at the top.

Administrator vs Teacher

People that are logged in with a multi-classroom license code are considered to be administrators; they can switch from classroom to classroom using the drop-down listbox in the upper right corner. Teachers, or licenses with only a single classroom do not have this listbox.

The chat name for an administrator is the name that we have recorded with the license code. For teachers, it is the name that has been set for the teacher in the Classrooms dialog.


The buttons of the middle section control the interaction with the students. The top two buttons are only enabled if the teacher selects a student that is online (offline students cannot be selected).

Send to Editor Panel: This opens a small dialog where the teacher can enter (or paste) a block of text, like a procedure definition. Once the teacher clicks “Send”, the text is transmitted to the student and stored into its Editor panel. The left picture below is the teacher’s dialog, and the right picture is the student’s screen.

Load Environment: A click of this button sends a request to the student to upload its entire Logo environment for the teacher to inspect, including all procedures, the Graphics panel etc. When the student clicks “Yes”, the teacher’s Logo environment changes to the student’s iploaded environment, and the Chat window displays a notification message.

The bottom two buttons work with all online students at once. If no students are online, these buttons are disabled.

Broadcast Message sends a message to all online students.

Log out all Students immediately terminates all student sessions and logs them out. This button is very convenient to end a class and to make sure that all students are logged off.

The Chat Window

The teacher’s chat window displays all incoming messges from all students. To reply to a student, the teacher must select the student to chat with in the left section (the dialog does this for the teacher if a student message arrives, but the teacher can select a different student at any time). In broadcast mode a teacher’s message is sent to all online students.

The student’s chat window allows the student to send a message to the teacher.


If the Chat dialog is closed, any incoming message pops up a small alert. CLicking “Reply” opens the Chat dialog.