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Terrapin Logo 4 has been discontinued! Our new Terrapin Logo version is much more powerful and modern; we strongly recommend that you update to our latest release of the Logo programming language.

How to install Logo on a Windows server

From version 4.0.4 on, Terrapin Logo supports the installation on a central Windows network server.

This page explains how to install Terrapin Logo on such a Windows network server. The information is only useful for network administrators.

  1. Download Terrapin Logo from Terrapin’s downloads page at http://www.terrapinlogo.com/downloads.html.
  2. Run the Terrapin Logo installer locally on the server to install Terrapin Logo. Choose a folder that is user-readable.
  3. Run Terrapin Logo on the server. When the nag screen appears, click “Install License” to install your multi-user license.
  4. Make the folder C:ProgramDataTerrapin shareable, or copy the contents of this folder to a shareable location.
  5. Use Notepad or another text editor to create a file config.ini next to the Logo executable Logo.exe. This file contains additional information about the location of the Logo folders.
  6. Optionally, create a shortcut to Logo.exe on each client machine.

The config.ini file

This file contains the location of the Logo files that Logo needs to know about:

The Logo installer stores the Logo Toolbox files into the folder C:ProgramDataTerrapin. When installing a license, Logo creates the license files in the same folder. To make Logo work on a client machine, this folder must be user-readable. You can either share this folder, or you copy the folder and its contents to a shareable location. The SharedDataFolder entry in the config.ini file contains the full path to this folder.

When Terrapin Logo launches, it creates the folder Terrapin Logo inside the local user’s Documents folder and populates the folder with a file and a few shortcuts to the Toolbox folder. You can either leave this as is, or, if you wish Logo to use a different folder, you can set the config.ini entry UserDataFolder to the folder that Terrapin Logo should use to store this data.

If you need the user’s login name as part of the path name, use ~username, which Logo will substitute with the user’s login name. If, for example, the user was logged in as Michael, the setting

Would resolve to the folder SERVERUSERSMICHAEL.

From Terrapin Logo version 4.1 and up, you can suppress the loading of Toolbox images if launching Logo takes too much time. The Toolbox contains more than 400 images, and this could take some time if the Toolbox resides on a network server. The images are still available via the Toolbox shortcut that Terrapin Logo creates in its home folder.