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Welcome to the Terrapin Logo homepage!

Terrapin Logo is a complete implementation of the Logo programming language, available as a Web app that runs in all modern browsers as well as installable as a desktop versions for Windows and Mac OS. Terrapin Logo may be run on any device with a web browser, from smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks to PCs and Macs. Before you buy, there is no charge to try Logo with all features except for printing, saving data, and controlling robots.

Terrapin Logo comes with a long list of impressive features:

  • Runs on any device with a Web browser that supports HTML 5.
  • No installation or update issues! Frequent automatic fixes and enhancements!
  • Configure your desktop to your liking with movable and resizable panels.
  • Control up to 1,000 turtles at the same time with over 500 built-in commands.
  • Built-in syntax-highlighting editor and advanced debugger. Edit and restart a procedure on the fly.
  • Publish your finished program on the Web with its own Web link!
  • Create and manage classrooms for your students.
  • Use Web links as file names to load images, play sounds, or load Logo files.

This section lists available resources for Terrapin Logo below and in the tables of contents at the top. It provides help if you have problems with the installation process. Included are tutorials, manuals, a complete command reference and help with installation and other issues along with hints and tips for better programming.

Since Terrapin Logo is quite a mouthful to talk about, let us refer to Terrapin Logo as Logo from now on.

Logo Manual

Logo Help offers definitions and examples for all Logo commands organized both alphabetically and by subject area. Logo Help is available here as well as from within Logo.

Logo Documentation

The Logo Manual provides a quick overview of Logo to help get you started writing Logo programs as well as in-depth coverage of Logo features.

Web Colors

Logo offers to work with as many colors as you like. Over 100 of them have names and assigned color numbers. This page contains a complete colors table for the standard 138 Web colors as a quick reference.