Terrapin Resources

Terrapin’s line of turtle robots provides a progressive challenge from the youngest students to those with developed programming skills.

Bee-Bot is a simplified Logo turtle for the youngest students through which they learn important skills while having fun. Designed for students in kindergarten through second grade, Bee-Bot may be programmed to move forward and back and turn left and right by pressing the corresponding arrow keys on its back. Press the green GO button and watch Bee-Bot follow the steps. Children are captivated by Bee-Bot and eager to send it on its way.

Blue-Bot is Bee-Bot with a Bluetooth connection which allows programming the robot remotely as well as via the on-board keys. Use the command keys on its back to send Blue-Bot forward and back, left and right and teach sequencing, directionality, problem-solving, counting, and estimation. Take Blue-Bot to the next level by controlling it remotely with the Tactile Reader or the free app on iPads or Android tablets, Windows or Mac PCs.

Tuff-Bot can navigate challenging outdoor environments with its oversized wheels. Its avoidance sensor allows it to react to things in its path. You can control it remotely using the Tactile Reader or the Tuff-Bot online emulator. Add extra turns, repeat capabilities, and obstacles in the emulator.

Pro-Bot is a sophisticated robot, cleverly disguised as a race car. Pro-Bot invites students into an engaging, concrete, hands-on coding experience that develops planning, reasoning, geometry, and math skills. Enter Pro-Bot commands using arrow and number keys mounted on the back. Plan a route and press the corresponding keypad controls. Then press GO and send Pro-Bot on its way.

InO-Bot is the Logo turtle come to life! Bring programming off the screen by sending Logo commands that the screen turtle and InO-Bot follow at the same time. Terrapin Logo has been optimized to smoothly interact with the robot and is included. Use InO-Bot to draw on paper or dry erase mat. The Logo environment, always exciting and motivating for students, becomes even more so with an actual turtle robot running around!