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Pro-Bot is a full-fledged turtle robot with Logo on board. Like a car, which it appears to be, Pro-Bot can move forward and back and turn left and right. Pro-Bot can also do much more. The built-in pen mechanism allows it to draw as it goes. Capability to repeat and follow a series of commands, including a main program and sub-programs, makes Pro-Bot a hands-on responsive tool for teaching and learning programming. Built-in touch, light, and sound sensors give Pro-Bot the ability to respond to its environment, making it a great platform for teaching the basics of robotics. Whether you want to learn about programming, experience robotics, or just have fun, Pro-Bot is a great tool.

Pro-Bot can

  • Move according to a series of commands in specified distances and degrees
  • Display its program, highlighting each command as it is followed
  • Store and incorporate sub-programs into a main program
  • Draw as it moves with standard pens
  • Respond to feedback from touch, sound, and light sensors

With Pro-Bot you can

  • Control a robot
  • Write programs and watch them in action
  • Teach a robot to navigate its environment
  • Have fun!

Getting Started with Pro-Bot


Pro-Bot arrives with a lithium ion battery installed and is ready to go though it is advisable to fully charge the robot before first use. In addition to the lithium ion battery which operates Pro-Bot motors, sounds, and sensors, Pro-Bot also has a backup coin battery that powers its memory. That means that all programs remain intact even when Pro-Bot is turned off and are available when Pro-Bot is turned on again.

User Guide

The Pro-Bot User Guide that accompanies each Pro-Bot provides information on care and maintenance of the Pro-Bot and battery replacement.


Pro-Bot has two on/off switches, located in the bottom left corner on the underside of the robot. The right switch is the on/off switch for Pro-Bot power. This power switch must be in the On position for Pro-Bot to operate. When the power switch is put in the On position, Pro-Bot’s headlights blink once and the word Main appears at the top of the LCD display at the bottom right of the top side of the Pro-Bot.


The sound switch may be set optionally to Off or On. With the sound switch turned on, Pro-Bot clicks each time a button is pressed and honks its horn at the end of a series of commands. When the switch is off, Pro-Bot makes no sounds.

Pro-Bot comes ready to go with no assembly required. Though Pro-Bot is a sophisticated robot, Pro-Bot is friendly and makes it easy to get started. Turn on the power switch (and the sound switch too if your environment allows) and get ready to have fun!