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CVC Words Mat with Cards

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This mat helps young students sound out, read, and match short words to their pictures.

CVC is short for Consonant-Vowel-Consonant. Included with the mat is a deck of 42 colorful CVC Cards, with the image on one side and the matching word on the other side.


Lesson Ideas

Although these ideas refer to Bee-Bot, they can all be done with Blue-Bot as well.

Remind students to press X to erase the commands the previous student entered.

Lesson Idea 1: Going to a Specific Picture

  • Divide students into groups.
  • The teacher calls out a word.
  • One of the students navigates Bee-Bot to that picture of the word on the mat.
  • Repeat, with all students having a turn.

Lesson Idea 2: Choosing a Card for a Target Picture

  • Each student in a group draws one of the CVC Cards at random.
  • The students take turns navigating Bee-Bot to the picture for their card.
  • This idea is similar to the first one, but does not require teacher interaction.

Lesson Idea 3: Finding Rhyming and Similar Words

  • Have students navigate to from one picture to another whose names rhyme. For example, “fin” and “pin” or “map” and “cap”.
  • Have students navigate from one picture to another where the first and last letters are the same, but the vowel is different. For example, “map” and “mop” or “bug” and “bag”.

Lesson Idea 4: Thinking of Blends and Digraphs

Student may notice that some words have more than three letters, such as “mitt” and “clap”. Talk to them about blends like the “cl” in “clap”.
In a consonant blend, each letter is sounded separately.
In a digraph, two consonants work together to make one sound. In “ship”, the “sh” makes one sound.

  • Ask students to think of short, one-syllable words with a blend, either at the beginning or at the end of the word.
  • Ask students to think of short, one-syllable words with a diagaph, either at the beginning or at the end of the word.

If you have the Alphabet Mat, students can use Bee-Bot to spell these words.

Lesson Idea 5: Using the Online CVC Mat

If students are using computers in your classroom, have them use the online CVC Mat in the Bee-Bot Emulator in a browser. They can explore the mat using these Lesson ideas.

Mat Details

This mat is incorporated into one of the Bee-Bot Lessons. These lessons give teachers lesson plans that are tied to national curriculum standards. They give students an opportunity to engage in over 180 learning activities using the floor Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot or the same activities in the online emulator.

The mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 42” by 36” (105 cm by 90 cm)

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