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“Getting the Most From Your Bee-Bots (and Blue-Bot)”

This information was presented at the 2024 STEM Summit in Oklahoma City, June 2024.

Thank you for attending the session! We hope you will enjoy using your new Blue-Bot as well as the Bee-Bots you already have.

Below are useful links to web pages and files discussed or mentioned during the presentation.

Online Emulators

   Bee-Bot Emulator

   Bee-Bot Emulator

Presentation Slideshow

coming soon…

Accessories and Lesson Ideas for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

TacTile Code Reader

Using the Accessories

Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Accessories Chart

Lesson Ideas for Learning Mats

Curriculum Materials for Classroom and Online

Main Page: Lessons, online activities, and teaching materials for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

Bee-Bot Lessons Table of Contents Sample Lessons
Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot Table of Contents Sample Lessons
Exploring Math with Blue-Bot Table of Contents Sample Lessons
Kinderlogo Table of Contents Sample Lessons

Coding Journeys (Online)

Coding Journeys expose students to different robots and helps you see which ones are best for them.

Monthly Calendar Mats (Online)

Calendar Emulator Mats reinforce your students’ calendar skills.

Customer Stories (Online)

Customer Stories show how other teachers are using Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots.

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