Terrapin Resources
Volume 12, Number 3
Holidays 2016 
Welcome to the Holiday 2016 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.  
Get Great Deals with Holiday Specials
Holiday Specials
Just in time for the holidays, Terrapin is offering holiday specials on Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot robots.
Delight the young learners in your life with a new programmable robot and save during this special time of year. Just order from our holiday section by December 31, but be sure to order by December 19 for delivery by Christmas

Bee-Bots, STEM and Hour of Code in NJ
Bee-Bots with Clear Mat
Using Bee-Bot with the Card Mat in an "All About Me" activity

Linda Miller, K-3 Technology Resource Teacher for Lawrence Township Public Schools in central New Jersey, introduces Bee-Bots in kindergarten to foster a love of programming and coding at an early age. Linda uses Terrapin Learning Mats in her class along with the on-line mat emulator for a variety of Bee-Bot learning experiences and to teach a range of skills.

"We also use Bee-Bots as part of our Hour of Code Day in all our elementary schools. We don't believe coding should only take place once a year, but rather 365 days a year!  Bee-Bot has become a huge part of our STEM curriculum!"

Program Across Devices with WebLogo
Electronic Devices
Program in Logo on any device with Terrapin WebLogo
Terrapin WebLogo is the latest version of the Logo computer language, the classic environment for learning to program.  WebLogo brings Logo into the connected age by running in a browser on any device. 

Start your program on a computer and then continue and modify it later on your tablet or even your phone!  Built-in tools allow automatic adjustment to screen size and integrated cloud storage lets you access your Logo programs and environment from anywhere so you can code on the go!

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Bee-Signer Jackets
Bee-Signer Jackets
are back in stock,
just in time
to create holiday costumes for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot.

Use markers, stickers, and decals to decorate the jackets and just snap them in place.
Holly Garland
Hour of Code
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