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Volume 14, Number 5    
Spring 2019  
Welcome to the Spring 2019 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter, as we proudly celebrate our 35th school year.  
Bee-Bot Curriculum Now Online!
Find 100 lessons and 1000 images in Bee-Bot Lessons and 150 challenges in Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot.
Bee-Bot Lessons and Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot are now available online!  Each curriculum takes a different approach to teaching with Bee-Bot utilizing the Card Mat.

Bee-Bot Lessons includes 100 lesson plans in 10 subject areas.  Each comes with images that may be printed and placed on the Card Mat to teach the lesson.  Each lesson plan includes an objective, implementation instructions, and suggestions for differentiated instruction.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot utilizes the lines on the Card Mat as XY coordinates.  Several series of sequential challenges use Bee-Bot to help students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills such as prediction, self-evaluation, estimation, and mapping.

Online curriculum, accessible via a login code, includes all the lessons, challenges, and images which may be viewed or printed.  Contact Terrapin if your school has a license for the printed version and you would like to access the online version.
Play Bee-Bot Pirate - a Coding Game
Bee-Bot Pirate Game from Suddenly it Clicks
"Weigh anchor, move smartly and don't find yerself marooned on a desert island!"... so begins the Bee-Bot Pirate Game.
Gail Lovely, an early learning educator with Suddenly it Clicks, introduced the Bee-Bot Pirate Game at the Oklahoma Early Learning ConferenceDesigned for young learners familiar with Bee-Bot, the Pirate Game provides practice coding, debugging, and creating efficient programs. Multiple options make the game adaptable to different experience levels and learning objectives.

The instructions come with engaging graphics to use to turn Bee-Bot into a pirate ship as well as obstacles such as palm tree barriers and dice faces with specific coding challenges.

And if you'll be at ISTE in Philadelphia in June, Gail will be conducting the Early Learning Digital Playground on Monday, June 24th from 8:00-11:30 AM.

Control Blue-Bot with Chromebook
Blue-Bot Chrome App
Select any Terrapin mat as background with the new Chrome Blue-Bot Control Progrm!

Control Blue-Bot with Chrome and Chromebooks using the new Blue-Bot Control Program.  Created with Terrapin Logo, the Blue-Bot Control Program runs in the Chrome browser and emulates Blue-Bot online.  Connect to Blue-Bot via Bluetooth and control the robot on screen and off.

The Blue-Bot Control Program allows use of any Terrapin Learning Mat as background for Blue-Bot.  A record of the code in Logo syntax is shown with each command highlighted as it is executed.  Advanced features, including 45 degree turns and repeat loops are available via a drop-down menu.

The Blue-Bot Control Program was created using Terrapin Logo, allowing examination or customization of the program by utilizing the Logo programming environment.  The Blue-Bot Control Program illustrates how standalone applications may be created and distributed with Terrapin Logo, and brings the Logo screen turtle to life!

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Image of Logo Turtle talking
The turtle can talk!
Terrapin Logo can speak in multiple languages on capable computers. Tell Logo what to SAY and your programs talk in the language or accent of your choice!
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