Terrapin Resources
Volume 15, Number 4       
Winter 2020   
Happy New Year and welcome to the Winter 2020 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.
Bee-Bot Can See & Say!
With the new See & Say option, Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots
 can speak and detect each other.
Give a voice to Bee-Bot with the new See & Say option and verbally reinforce programming skills. Record a short message for each arrow key on Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot with See & Say. Hear it play back both when the key is pressed and the program is executed. The 'bots can tell you when they are going forward, back, left, or right!

In addition, 'bots equipped with See & Say recognize each other. By default they beep when near another See & Say 'bot, but a message may be recorded on the GO button that plays during an encounter.  Program your 'bot to exclaim "watch out" or "move over" when another 'bot comes near.

See & Say makes coding concrete and provides fun new challenges for students. Enjoy a 50% discount on the See & Say option through March 31 on individual 'bots or any Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot bundle!

Challenges Combining InO-Bot and Logo
High school students in Calumet, MI use InO-Bot with Terrapin Logo to expand and refine coding skills.  Combining the Terrapin Logo programming environment with InO-Bot's movement, drawing, inputs and outputs, students develop challenging, modular programs.

Under direction of high school math teacher Chris Woodshost of the popular STEM Everyday podcast and author of The Daily STEM, students used conditionals to have InO-Bot signal turns and movements with different color lights. Next, students combined art, math, and their imaginations to simultaneously draw faces on paper and screen with InO-Bot and Terrapin Logo

As Chris says "STEM can be incorporated into all classrooms and every home. Get started now!"

Collection Accessories for Young Scientists
Organize samples with LiveSlides® and Collection Containers
Immerse young students in the scientific process with Easi-Scope Digital Microscopes and collection accessories. Use them to gather wet or dry samples to examine with Easi-Scope. By collecting, labeling, examining, and recording observations, students learn the steps of the scientific method. Easi-Scope collection accessories include:
  • Collection Containers: clear hard plastic round containers with screw top lids to collect, save, and store dry samples.
  • LiveSlides┬« Kits with collection bottles, eyedroppers, and slides for collecting and examining liquid samples.
For a limited time, collection accessories are available at a 20% discount!
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