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Volume 15, Number 5       
Spring 2020   
Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter. Wash your hands often and stay safe!   
Magnify Your World with Flexi-Scope
Flexi-Scope microscope
Flexibility and Magnification all in one
There's a whole world we cannot see, a concept never more important than now for students to learn. Terrapin's new Flexi-Scope Digital Microscope magnifies up to 200 times, enabling even younger students to examine and observe the details of common items in a whole new way. Students can put objects they encounter such as sand, plants, money, fabrics, and print under Flexi-Scope and see the details revealed on a computer screen.

Flexi-Scope connects via USB. Adjust position with the flexible neck and turn the wheel to focus on precise detail. Flexi-Scope has built-in lighting and can capture images, video, and time-lapse photos.

Flexi-Scope is a great companion for Easi-Scope for different ways of observing items up close. Bring the handheld Easi-Scope to the sample. Bring the sample to the fixed Flexi-Scope while keeping your hands free to record observations. Try these microscope accessories to collect and store samples for examination.

Try Flexi-Scope at a special introductory price for a limited time.

Bee-Bots Boost Literacy
Bee-Bot and Literacy study plan

Inspiration came to Marybeth Green while watching elementary school children play with Bee-Bots and create stories. She and colleague Lisa McNair of Texas A&M University designed a research project to study the impact Bee-Bots have on developing literacy skills.
Working at an elementary school once a week for six weeks, they introduced students to Bee-Bot in the first session. Each subsequent week, they took a different story mat, read a related story, then had students write their own story and program Bee-Bot to tell it.

"At the end, our statistical analysis showed that the stories overall from the last session were significantly different from the beginning. Of most interest was how much change had taken place. We found that Setting had a large change from the beginning to the end."

They theorize that children use their knowledge of the world to make robots move, engaging in the task as if they were in the world of the story mat. Also, sequencing is an important part of coding, which is another reason why programming led to more advanced storytelling.
Free Resources for Use at Home
Web Downloads Keep learning going even when schools are closed.  Terrapin offers resources students can use to capture the excitement of robots and coding without leaving home.  
  • Bee-Bot appCode a virtual Bee-Bot to explore a garden or ancient pyramid on your tablet. 
  • Terrapin Logo: Try the original programming environment for children, in your browser or installed on your PC.
TTS Group, manufacturer of Terrapin's line of coding robots, offers 
downloadable STEM activity workbooks, each with a wealth of age-targeted STEM activities to do at home. 

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The new See & Say option gives Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot a voice and the ability to recognize each other.  This verbally reinforces coding and adds excitement in a multi 'bot environment. 
Try it out by using discount code SeeSay for 25% off on one See & Say Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot plus free shipping for everything in the cart!
Watch six Bee-Bots in a choreographed dance and other entertaining videos on Terrapin's new YouTube channel. Contact Terrapin about uploading your own videos of
Bee-Bots and other Terrapin products.
Robot Trio

Now might be a good time to review Tips for maintaining robots for smooth operation and maximum battery life.
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