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Volume 16, Number 1         
New School Year 2020    
Welcome to this issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter, for the new school year. 
Sports Camera Adds Robot Vision
Equip your robot with the new WiFi-enabled Robot Sports Camera and add a new dimension to coding and exploration. A Robot Sports Camera offers a robot vision that can capture images of its explorations. 
The Robot Sports Camera comes with a mount for Tuff-Bot, Pro-Bot, or InO-Bot which holds the camera securely in place atop the robot. Connect via wifi to watch and record the robot's progress or use the included remote control to take photos. The Robot Sports Camera can transform Tuff-Bot, Pro-Bot, or InO-Bot into a Mars rover. On outdoor-friendly Tuff-Bot a Robot Sports Camera lets students send the robot to examine places they might not be able to access themselves.
The Robot Sports Camera also works standalone and can take still, burst, or time-lapsed photos or videos of a robot project in 4K HD 1080p. The Robot Sports Camera offers a wide-angle lens with 2" onboard display and still and video playback. With the introductory discount, the Robot Sports Camera is an economical way to motivate students to record their efforts and troubleshoot their programs.

Take Another Look at Logo
As the first app designed to make computers a learning tool in the hands of children, Logo was for many their initial experience of technology, programming, and problem-solving. Over the years many students learned to command the "turtle" to create shapes and designs and discover concepts in math, reasoning, and logic.

While the latest version of Terrapin Logo adds many new features to the venerable language, Logo still feels familiar and is easy to start for anyone who has used Logo in the past. Mark Weyl recalls having "lots of fun" using Logo on an Atari 800.   

He recently tried the latest version of Terrapin Logo and, based on his past experience, quickly created a circle of multi-colored triangles, animated them, and finished off his program with a cow's moo, one of many built-in sounds. He noted that, "It seems a bit imperfect, but I'll figure that out." He then licensed Terrapin Logo to continue the Logo explorations he began so many years ago.

Try Terrapin Logo for Free
14-day free Logo trial
Try the full version of Terrapin Logo free for 14 days.
Terrapin is pleased to introduce a free trial of the full version of Terrapin Logo. The free trial offers the complete functionality of Terrapin Logo, including the ability to load and save programs, publish programs on the web, control robots, plus much more!

The Terrapin Logo free trial may be used online and/or as an installed program on Windows or Mac. During the 14-day trial period, Terrapin Logo works just like the licensed version.  

Order the free trial at no charge and your login code arrives via email. Access Terrapin Logo online or download an installation package for Mac or Windows from the Terrapin Downloads Center. Your login code works on all versions.

Type in some movement commands and watch the turtle draw. Consult the Logo Manual to learn about new features and visit the Logo Program Library for wide-ranging Logo program examples. Explore and enjoy!
In This Issue
Flexi-Scope microscope
Share your discoveries onscreen using Terrapin's digital microscopes on a smartboard in class or remotely via screen sharing. Great for distance learning!
Robot chargers
Fully charge your robots prior to using them again after a period of storage to maximize battery life. Review Hints and Tips for pointers on robot maintenance.
Tuff-Bot product sheet
Terrapin has refreshed product sheets and added one for the new Tuff-Bot. Download and print a summary of the features and accessories for each product.  
Not sure which robot would work best for your students? Terrapin's Most Popular Products video provides a quick overview of them all.
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