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Welcome to our Program Library!

These pages contain an ever-growing list of Logo source code files. Many of these files demonstrate programming techniques, or Terrapin Logo features. You can download the source code to all programs, and modify them to your liking.

If you have a Logo program that you would like to share, let us know!

Robot Commands

Terrapin Logo can talk to several robots! Please read the Robot Commands page for details.

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24-Hour Clock Displays a 24-hour clock Beginner TIME, Clock, Lists
3-Card Monte A game of chance to locate the Queen of Hearts. Intermediate Game, Package
About this Program... Document your project with Help/About this Program... Beginner Help, Documentation
Arnold Logo Art Beginner Art
Bee-Bot Emulator Bee-Bot Emulator Intermediate Properties, Turtle, Drawing, Bitmaps, Bee-Bot, Emulator
Beethoven's "Fuer Elise" Plays Beethoven's Fuer Elise Intermediate Music, Instruments, Play
Biosphere and Biosquare Logo Art Beginner Art, Graphics
Black and White Black and White Art Beginner Art
Card Trick Logo never fails to find your card. Intermediate Game, Package, Animation
Chopsticks Play "Chopsticks" on the computer Beginner Music, Lists, Voices
Coin Flips Flip a coin to see how often heads or tails will fall Beginner Math, Random
ColorHelper A set of procedures to help you play around with the Extended Colors. Beginner Colors, Utility
Concert Plays each available instrument Beginner Music, Instruments, Play
Crab Crate geometric shapes Beginner Formulae, Shapes, Complex images
Draw Color Names Draw the names and the color values of the 16 colors available as color indexes Intermediate Drawing, Colors, Turtle
Draw a Wheel of Colors Draws a color wheel Beginner Drawing, Colors, Turtle
Easy Art Graphics Art Beginner Art, Graphics
Factorials Various ways to calculate the factorial of a number Beginner Math, Factorial
Fly Escape See how long you can fly! Beginner Fly, Escape, Maze
Fractals Draws various fractal images Intermediate Fractals, Formulae
Gem Logo Art Beginner Art, Graphics
Go Get George A hidden picture puzzle game. Beginner Game, Package
Head For Home Head For Home is a 2-player game of logic, luck and a little strategy. Beginner Game, Package
J.S. Bach's Partita in E Plays J.S. Bach's Partita in E Intermediate Music, Instruments, Play
J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor Plays J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor Intermediate Music, Instruments, Play
List all Fonts Lists and shows all available fonts Intermediate Fonts, Controls
List all Musical Instruments Lists and plays all available music instruments Intermediate Controls, Music, Instruments, Play
List all Sounds Lists and plays all available sounds Intermediate Controls, Sounds, Play
Logo Works: Lessons in Logo files Files referenced in Logo Works: Lessons in Logo Beginner Logo Works
McQuizWiz Multiple choice quizzes in Logo. Intermediate Controls, Data
Morse Code Explore the Morse Code system of communication. Intermediate Package, Communication
Number Guessing Game A number guessing game Beginner Guess, Numbers
One Key Move the turtle with single keystrokes Intermediate Keyboard, Turtle, Drawing
ScatterGrams Two player game of scrambled words. Intermediate Game, Controls
Semaphore Explore the semaphore system of communication. Intermediate Package, Communication
Snowflakes Draws six-sided snowflakes Beginner Fractals, Formulae
String Art Koch string variations Intermediate Koch, Strings, Formulae
TTPRINT - Formatted text drawing Drawing of formatted text Intermediate Fonts, Text drawing, Turtle
The Birthday Paradox Calculate the probability of two people having the same birthday Beginner Math, Birthday
The On-Screen Piano Creates a clickable on-screen piano Intermediate Music, Instruments, Play, Turtle, Drawing, Mouse
Tic Tac Toe Play Tic Tac Toe against the computer Intermediate Game, Tic Tac Toe
Ticking Clock An analog clock Advanced Clock, TIME, Animation
Triangles How many triangles do you see of N non-parallel lines? Intermediate Math, Combinatorics
Turtle Rope Swing Game Illustrates angles and degrees Intermediate Angles, Degrees