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Volume 17, Number 3 ---------------------------------Winter 2022
Welcome to the Winter issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's periodic newsletter with announcements, stories, tips and tools!
Expand STEM activities with Data Logging Backback
Data collection is an important part of the scientific process and the new Data Logging Backpack makes information gathering simple and fun for students. Use it to sample temperature, light, and humidity and then download the data for analysis.

The Data Logging Backpack is designed to fit snugly on Tuff-Bot, turning the rugged robot into a mobile data collector. Students can emulate a Mars Rover experience by sending a Data Logging Backpack-equipped Tuff-Bot across most types of terrain to gather information for analysis.

Like Tuff-Bot itself, the Data Logging Backpack is sturdy and durable. Students can set sampling intervals and download directly via USB to PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. Purchase and use the Data Logging Backpack independently or get a special price when purchased in conjunction with Tuff-Bot!

Latino STEM Alliance places Blue-Bots in Boston schools
Terrapin recently partnered with the Latino STEM Alliance, a Massachusetts-based non-profit which inspires and empowers underserved students by providing meaningful and engaging STEM learning experiences.

Terrapin is proud to support this great local organization and worked with Lauren Cooke, Director of Programs and Partnerships at the Latino STEM Alliance, to find the right product for their programs.

Lauren noted that Blue-Bot is the only early ed product with which students advance from using directional language and manually moving the robot to coding it remotely from another device. "No other early ed product that we know of brings those two tasks together so seamlessly."

Blue-Bots are a big hit with both educators and students. Lauren told us that many teachers include them in their daily curriculum. In addition, the Latino STEM Alliance is in the process of developing their own unique, culturally competent K-3 Blue-Bot curriculum.

"Thank you for your support and for this amazing product. Teachers are loving it - and happy teachers make the world a better place." ... We couldn't agree more!

Get the most from rechargeable batteries
Terrapin robots and wireless devices are powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, each customized for the particular product to provide maximum power within design constraints. While all batteries have a limited lifespan, proper care and maintenance can maximize the amount of time the battery will power your device. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Charge on first receipt
  • Only charge when needed
  • Remove from charger when fully charged
  • Do not store plugged in
  • Consult product manual for charging indicators
  • Top off charge every three to six months when not in use
  • Always dispose of lithium batteries properly

Terrapin offers the Six-Bot USB Charger and Docking Station to charge batteries contained within Terrapin products along with a limited selection of replacement batteries. With proper management, lithium polymer batteries can last up to five years.
Take a close look at your environment with digital microscopes!
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