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Volume 17, Number 5 ---------------------------------Summer 2022
Welcome to the Summer issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's newsletter with announcements, stories, tips and tools!
(Robot) Turtles Add Pizzazz to Programming
Terrapin has always had an affinity for turtles. To celebrate World Turtle Day (May 23) Terrapin is offering 25% discount on our most sophisticated turtle robots!

Since the publication of Terrapin Logo, whose engaging screen "turtle" captured teacher and student imaginations alike, Terrapin has offered robot "turtles" to extend and enhance the programming experience. Our lineup of Programming Journey Robots makes it exciting to learn to code at any level, from the youngest to the most advanced students.

Pro-Bot and InO-Bot are Logo "turtles" come to life as they incorporate the full Logo programming capability in engaging and fun robot packages.

Pro-Bot has Logo on board and is a standalone device controlled from its own keypad - no other device is needed. Send it forward and back and turn it by degrees. Insert a pen so it can draw as it goes. Enter subprocedures that can be reused to create elaborate programs and designs.

InO-Bot is an extension of the Logo screen turtle. Connect Terrapin Logo (included) to InO-Bot to bring the "turtle" off the screen and out into the world. Watch the screen turtle and InO-Bot follow your commands simultaneously. Insert a pen and InO-Bot can draw on paper or a Dry Erase Mat along with the turtle on the screen.

Use discount code TryaTurtle for a 25% discount on one Pro-Bot and/or InO-Bot along with free shipping on everything in your cart (US only). Act fast as this special Terrapin turtle offer lasts only until June 30.

Getting the Most from Online Curriculum Guides
Terrapin offers two online Curriculum Guides, written by teachers, for use with both Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot. Each curriculum is accessed via a special login code sent to the primary email address on an order. (Contact Terrapin if you need a different email address for the code.)

A login code allows access to the curriculum for three years. Each curriculum is considered a site license, so a login code and the curriculum materials may be used by several teachers at one school site.

Both Curriculum Guides utilize Terrapin's Card Mat, but each takes a different approach.

Bee-Bot Lessons provides over 100 lesson plans utilizing Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot across the K-2 curriculum. Each lesson states objectives, provides instructions for implementation, and connects to standards. Images, which you can print and place on the Card Mat, are provided for each lesson. Bee-Bot Lessons has recently been integrated with the Bee-Bot Emulator so lessons may be used online and off.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot offers a series of sequential challenges using the Card Mat as an XY graph with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot traversing the lines rather than the squares. Through 140 sequential challenges organized in conceptual groups, students learn to direct Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot on increasingly complicated routes. Print the challenge and give to students to accomplish before moving to a more difficult one.

Terrapin regularly updates and expands the curriculum, so check back in from time to time. Feedback and contributions are welcome!

Store or transport a Hive full of robots and accessories compactly and safely in this special-purpose case.
Use the Blue-Bot Emulator to practice Blue-Bot coding or control a Blue-Bot on Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows.
digital microscope reveals hard-to-see detail of everyday objects placed underneath.
Learn how to Engage Young Learners with Project-Based Learning at ISTE and maybe win a Bee-Bot! June 27, 11-12:30
Celebrate World Bee Day on May 20. Bees play a vital role in world ecosystems (and learning to code!).
Try coding Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots at the ISTE Early Learning Playground on June 27 from 11:30-1:30.
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