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Volume 15, Number 2      
Fall 2019  
Welcome to the Fall 2019 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter.
New Pen Holder & Pusher Jackets

Expand challenges and activities for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot with the new Pusher Jackets and Pen Holder Jackets. Pusher and Pen Holder Jackets fit snugly over Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot while leaving the command buttons accessible. 
  • Pusher Jackets give Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot the ability to retrieve, push, and deliver balls, stones, or other lightweight objects. Program Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to make a delivery. Encourage 'bot interaction by coding them to exchange objects or keep them away from each other. Bee-Bot soccer?
  • Pen Holder Jackets give Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot the capability to draw lines, shapes, and simple images, adding to coding challenges. Can you predict the design your program will draw?
Both Pusher and Pen Holder Jackets come in packs of six jackets, each of a different color, which can help differentiate and customize multiple 'bots in a classroom. Both Jacket Six Packs are available at a special introductory price for a limited time.

Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Supports Coding
Baseball mat for use with Bee-Bot
Batter up! with the Baseball Mat
The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, in partnership with local supporters, spearheaded the installation of 33 STEM Centers in Oklahoma City schools. The STEM Centers are equipped for 1st-4th graders and include Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to teach coding and problem-solving. The STEM Centers support the Ripken Foundation's commitment to help young people achieve full potential through sports and education. 

Terrapin contributed to the effort by developing a Baseball Mat for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot and contributing one to each STEM Center.  The Baseball Mat inspires both coding and learning baseball rules, and is a great way to introduce Blue-Bot's 45 degree capability when using Extension Tiles with the Tactile Reader or the tablet app.
Just in time for the World Series, the new Baseball Mat is now available to everyone at a special 20% Introductory Discount. 

Expanded Flexibility with Terrapin Logo
The latest version of Terrapin Logo offers a multitude of options to adapt the Logo coding environment into different classroom situations.

Terrapin Logo is available in your favorite browser and device-PCs, tablets, and even phones! With Chrome, Logo may be used online to control Blue-Bot and InO-Bot.

Terrapin Logo may be installed as a local Mac or Windows program and can utilize the entire local file structure.

Classroom configuration allows customization of Terrapin Logo and student access to it.

Terrapin Logo is now available via ClassLink, a one-click single sign-in system for schools that provides easy student access to applications.

All versions of Terrapin Logo update automatically and may be accessed with the same login id, making it easy to code at school, at home, or on the go!
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Bee-Bot birthday cake
We were delighted to receive this photo of a Bee-Bot birthday cake from a fan in Morocco.

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