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Volume 15, Number 3       
Holiday 2019  
Welcome to the Holiday 2019 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter, and Happy Holidays!
Holiday Specials Plus Free Shipping
Holiday Specials
2019 Holiday Specials - great deals, plus free shipping

It's that time of year again, and we have put together a great selection of Holiday Specials that include free items and shipping at no extra cost...
  • Free Talking Mat Platform and Learning Mat with AA-battery-powered Bee-Bot 
  • Free Command Cards with Blue-Bot
  • Free Pen Pack with Pro-Bot or InO-Bot
  • Free Collection Containers and LiveSlides with Easi-Scope
  • Free Shipping for everything in the shopping cart with a Holiday Special!
Special Pricing lasts through December 31, but be sure to order by December 16 for delivery by December 25th.
Pre-FETC Early Learning Tech Summit
Early Learning Tech Summit Miami Jan 2020
Pre-FETC Early Learning Tech Summit 
Heading to Miami in January for FETC? Go a day early for the Early Learning Technology Summit on January 13 led by lifetime educator Gail Lovely of Suddenly it Clicks.

Gail has a wealth of curriculum ideas and experience using technology products with young learners. (This Bee-Bot Pirate Coding Game is one of our favorites.) The pre-conference summit showcases the latest technology for young learners through a fun day of hands-on workshops at the Miami Children's Museum.

Participants in the summit should expect:
"playful learning, exploration, and meaningful conversation for educators interested in developmentally appropriate and powerful uses of technology with little learners ages 3 to 7"

It's a great opportunity to learn and try out Bee-Bot and technology products from Terrapin and other vendors. The registration fee includes lunch and admission to the museum.
New Cards Enhance Card Mat Flexibility
Quickly set up a Card Mat with Alphabet and CVC Word Cards

New learning cards make the Card Mat an even more flexible tool for teaching with Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot. Recently published Alphabet Cards and CVC Word Cards make it a snap to set up the Card Mat to teach language and literacy lessons using the alphabet and consonant-vowel-consonant words.

Alphabet Cards show a letter of the alphabet on one side and something starting with that letter on the other. With two decks in a set, it is easy to mix and match images and letters for a variety of lessons.

Similarly, CVC Word Cards show a word on one side and an image representing the word on the other. With the double-deck set, use words to find images or images to find words.  

For a limited time, Alphabet Cards and CVC Word Cards may be purchased at a discount in conjunction with a Card Mat.

Happy Holidays_
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Do you have holiday  closure dates that affect delivery of your order? Inform us so we can accommodate.

Dry Erase Mat with Markers
The Dry Erase Mat, with pens and cleaning cloth included, works great with 
Pro-Bot and InO-Bot. Now, with Pen Holder Jackets, it's a great accessory for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot too.
Free Logo with InO-Bot
Schools get a FREE
InO-Bot with the purchase of a 
multi-user license!

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