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Volume 16, Number 4 -------------------------------------------- Spring 2021
Welcome to the Spring issue of Turtle Talk in a new mobile-friendly format!
Logo, Robotics, and Math - Oh My!
New curriculum from Neufeld Learning Systems brings a fresh perspective to coding with Terrapin Logo and Blue-Bot. Introduction to Coding through Robotics & Logo leads students into an amazing world rich in math concepts. Students follow step-by-step instruction and examples to play robot, code Blue-Bot directly and interactively, and then into the mathematically immersive world of the Logo turtle.

Each chapter offers objectives and a plethora of fun activities to achieve them. Students lead themselves through the sequential exercises. The curriculum includes Terrapin Logo and a discount on Blue-Bot.

Neufeld Learning Systems offers periodic workshops to support math and Logo instruction, including:

Coding in Nigeria with the Bee-Bot Emulator
At the request of Enemali Oguche, STEM Co-ordinator at Intercontinental School in Kano, Nigeria, Terrapin developed a stand-alone version of the popular Bee-Bot Emulator. Enemali explained that student internet access is cost prohibitive and contacted Terrapin about creating an offline version. Terrapin provided an Emulator that is downloaded once and then runs on classroom computers.

Using the Emulator, students from 5-10 years old, new to coding and robotics, developed logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while having fun. According to Enemali, "students wanted the Bee-Bot class to last for the whole day.

Terrapin can customize the Emulator and has integrated it with Bee-Bot Lessons so they may be taught online as well as in class. This makes the Emulator a great tool to extend learning with Bee-Bot to students at home. Contact Terrapin to discuss customizing the Emulator for your own teaching situation.

Preview Products from Home, Office or Classroom
All of us at Terrapin miss seeing everyone at conferences, but would love to visit with you via our new Zoom channel. We are happy to demo Programming Journey Robots, Microscopes, or Terrapin Logo and explain how they work.

Use our Scheduling system to set up a visit of 15-60 minutes at your convenience. Choose a time slot and we will send meeting credentials and look forward to seeing you. We can also set up training sessions for multiple participants.

Virtual meetings provide a quick and convenient way to learn about and see Terrapin products and get questions answered. It's the next best thing to being there!

See Coding with Curiosity, video of a class project for a NASA student conference that turned Pro-Bot into a
Mars Rover. Add a Robot Sports Camera to create a "Mars Rover" with Tuff-Bot, Pro-Bot, or InO-Bot!
Winners of Terrapin Logo products

Virtual raffles at virtual conferences result in real prizes!
Becky Hansen, a teacher at Midway Park Elementary in Euless, TX won a Pro-Bot at ISTE.
Greg Joiner, Academic Application Tech in Sumter County, FL won a Tuff-Bot at FETC.
Batter up! With spring training underway take Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to the ballpark with the new Baseball Mat to run the bases, play outfield, or visit the ice cream truck. Use Blue-Bot's extended 45° capability to introduce angles.
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