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Volume 16, Number 5 ----------------------------------------- Summer 2021
Welcome to the Summer issue of Turtle Talk in a new mobile-friendly format!
Expand Horizons with a Tuff-Bot Excursion Bundle
Tuff-Bot, the Rugged Robot, is designed to go where other robots don't dare! With oversize wheels and hard chassis, Tuff-Bot can venture beyond the classroom and out of the school to traverse the playground or ballfield.

Terrapin's new Tuff-Bot Excursion Bundle is an economical way to expand student horizons to explore farther as they code. The Excursion Bundle includes:

  • 4 Tuff-Bot Robots
  • 1 Robot Sports Camera & Mount
  • 1 Six-Bot USB Charger

Mount the Robot Sports Camera on Tuff-Bot and students can see the world from the robot's point of view! And, back in the classroom, use the handy Six-Bot USB Charger to get your Tuff-Bots ready for their next adventure.

Building Houses with Logo
As part of their coding curriculum, 5th grade students at Lakeside School in Seattle, WA are tasked with creating a house using Terrapin Logo. Elements such as walls, roof, and windows are made with sub-procedures and then tied together with a super-procedure called House that draws the entire image.

Bonnie Brodd, Technology Integration Specialist, reports that students get very creative and often add elements beyond those required. She says that students quickly learn Logo basics which empowers them to try new commands and do amazing things including adding landscapes and color animation to their houses. "They love to experiment to see what happens and are eager to share the results with other students in the class."

Students enjoy the learning challenge. On completing her house, one said "I really enjoyed our Logo unit and hope we can do more of that in the future."

Flexible Card Mat Has Many Uses
The popular Card Mat is a great way to utilize Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to achieve a wide variety of learning objectives. A blank 6 x 6 grid with clear plastic cover to hold images in place, the Card Mat adapts to many uses. A new design with grommets for hanging and a softer header to prevent wrinkles when rolled allows easy storage for quick access in the classroom.

Bee-Bot Lessons provides images to print and place on the Card Mat for each of its 100 lesson plans across 10 subject areas. Bee-Bot Lessons images are now integrated with the Card Mat in the Bee-Bot Emulator, so lessons may be taught in the classroom and/or online.

Alphabet Cards and CVC Word Cards instantly transform the Card Mat into an Alphabet mat or CVC Word mat and are available at a discount when purchased in conjunction with a Card Mat.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot takes a totally different approach with the Card Mat, offering 140 sequential Bee-Bot challenges using the lines as XY coordinates.

Pair a Card Mat with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot and capture student motivation for teaching across the curriculum!

InO-Bot is the Logo turtle come to life.
Get a free InO-Bot with the purchase of a Terrapin Logo Multi-User License!
Logo Works: Lessons in Logo, a step-by-step Logo programming tutorial is now included with Terrapin Logo!
Need a battery, cable, or power supply for your 'bots or accessories? Terrapin offers a range of Replacement Parts with no shipping charge.

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