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Volume 17, Number 1 ---------------------------------Back to School 2021
Welcome to the Back to School issue of Turtle Talk in a new mobile-friendly format!
Store and Transport 'Bots with New Hive Case
The new Hive Case is just what you need to store and transport Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots along with their accessories. With built-in compartments for 6 'bots plus a Docking Station and extra room for a TacTile Reader, Command Cards, and other accessories, the Hive Case keeps everything organized.

The rectangular suitcase design provides compact cabinet or shelf storage while the handle and shoulder strap make it easy to grab and go. Durable fabric and generous padding protect the contents. A clear outer pocket makes for easy labeling and identification.

The Hive Case is perfect for Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots you have. Be sure to add one to the purchase of a new Hive!
Bee-Bot and Storytime STEM Boost Skills in Iowa
Educators across Iowa are combining Storytime STEM-Packs with Bee-Bot to develop STEM skills in PK-2 students via children's literature.

Storytime STEM-Packs, developed by the team at Allegheny Intermediate Unit, are each based on a popular children's book and contain all the materials needed for a variety of STEM activities to bring the story to life. Students use Bee-Bots and a special mat to sequence the story and explore the narrative.

The Storytime STEM initiative is funded by the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council through the Scale Up Program. Teachers and librarians apply for grants to implement the program. Terrapin partnered with Allegheny Intermediate Unit to provide materials to the grant recipients and developed a special custom version of the Bee-Bot Emulator to support pre-implementation training.

Teachers report that the wide range of activities based on the story support the development of both literacy and STEM skills and are very popular with students.

Terrapin Products Work Great with Chromebooks
Terrapin products are compatible with Chromebooks which maximizes their convenience and applicability. Schools with Chromebooks can run Terrapin Logo, control Blue-Bot, Tuff-Bot and InO-Bot, as well as display objects with Easi-Scope (USB) and Flexi-Scope.

  • Access Terrapin Logo directly in Chrome.
  • Control Blue-Bot with the Blue-Bot Chrome app.
  • Control Tuff-Bot with the Tuff-Bot Chrome app.
  • Easi-Scope (USB) and Flexi-Scope identify as external cameras when plugged into a Chromebook USB port. Access the Chromebook's camera control to choose to display from the internal or external camera.
  • InO-Bot may be controlled via Terrapin Logo running in Chrome.
  • Bee-Bot Emulator runs directly in Chrome.

Terrapin apps run in all modern browsers, but Chrome is required to control robots via Bluetooth because of its unique ability to send Bluetooth signals.

Teaching outdoors?
Tuff-Bot brings STEM and robotics to the playground, ball field, parking lot and more.
Dress Bee-Bot in a
"Bee-signer" Jacket you decorate with markers, decals, or stickers to create your own custom look.
Turtle Tip: Save Terrapin Logo programs to the cloud with DropBox and Google Drive!

A searchable archive of all 118 issues, covering 17 years, of Logo Exchange, is now available on the
Logo Foundation web site.
'Bot Tip: Maximize battery life by fully charging robots after a period of storage.
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