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Volume 17, Number 2 ---------------------------------Fall 2021
Welcome to the Fall issue of Turtle Talk in a mobile-friendly format!
Add Audio to Coding with New Robot Sensors
Add audio feedback and interactivity to Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot with Robot Sensors! Pre-record a message on the sensor, place on a learning mat or along a coding path and trigger a voice response when the 'bot arrives or passes by. Sensors provide goals and immediate feedback to encourage students to develop and practice their coding skills.

Sensors complement See & Say Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots by increasing audio options. See & Say models recognize and can respond to each other as well as the sensors. Each action button may be programmed to "speak" when it is pressed and when the action is executed.

Terrapin offers sensors individually or in economical bundles. Use them to add audio options to standard Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots and extend the capabilities of See & Say models.
EDGEucating's Playbooks Increase Engagement
EDGEucating offers resources for educators including planning, assessing goals, grant writing tips, technology skills, and emotional and social learning.

They also research and vet products, including many from Terrapin, and develop strategies and curriculum for use in the classroom. EDGEucating develops Tech Coach Playbooks with the why, where, and how to use specific products along with instructional videos, teaching resources, and lesson ideas. Alicia Verweij, principal at EDGEucating, recommends Bee-Bot for to its durability and appeal to younger students while maintaining a budget-friendly price point. 

“Bee-Bot is a highly versatile robot that can be used for a plethora of project-based learning activities and works cross-curricular. That is why we endorsed and created a Playbook for it. Bee-Bot is great to introduce coding and supercharge the engagement factor of any subject or lesson.”

EdGEucating has more Playbooks in the works, including versions for Tuff-Bot and Pro-Bot, so be sure to check back for these handy tools coming soon!

Looking Closely at Digital Microscopes
Terrapin offers a line of digital microscopes which empower even the youngest students to learn that there is a world beyond what they can see. Students (and adults too!) are amazed at the detail they can find in their environment.

Egg-shaped Easi-Scopes are designed for small hands to grasp and hold over an object or area to be examined. Flexi-Scope's adjustable neck is easily positioned for optimal viewing of a sample placed under it.

Economical Easi-Scope (USB) may be used with PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or other devices with USB ports.

Easi-Scope (Wireless) transmits images via wifi making it portable and ideal to use with tablets or other wifi-compatible devices. Several devices can connect to the same Easi-Scope allowing discoveries to be shared.

Flexi-Scope connects via USB and works great with USB-enabled smart boards or large screens for multiple students to watch.

Use Collection Containers to collect, organize, and store dry samples. LiveSlides Kits make it easy to peer into liquid samples.

Terrapin's digital microscopes and accessories are available individually or in convenient classroom bundles.
Conveniently store and carry up to six Bee-Bots or
and more in the new Hive Case.
Terrapin Logo supports a near infinite number of colors by name, number, or RGB code. Draw in all the colors of the rainbow and more!
Place InO-Bot on a Dry Erase Mat and draw with the Terrapin Logo turtle simultaneously
on-screen and off!
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