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Volume 18, Number 2 ------------------------------------------------Fall 2022
Welcome to the Fall issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's email newsletter with the latest news, announcements, stories, tips, tools, and announcements!
Extend Coding Skills with Pro-Bot
Pro-Bot, Bee-Bot's "big brother," picks up where Bee-Bot leaves off, encouraging students to expand, enhance, and extend their coding skills. Press the arrow keys and ProBot acts just like Bee-Bot. Enter numbers after each arrow to specify how many steps to move or degrees to turn and reach the next level of programming.

Insert a pen and Pro-Bot can draw—a great motivator for students to create and to learn about angles and geometry, especially when combined with Repeat loops. Pro-Bot can "feel" with its bumpers and also detect light and sound so students can program Pro-Bot to respond to its environment.

The new Pro-Bot Emulator lets you test out Pro-Bot programming online. Choose a mat and code a virtual Pro-Bot just like the actual robot. Lower the pen, choose a color, and draw. Tell Pro-Bot how to respond when it hits the edge or is plunged into darkness.

Terrapin is celebrating the release of the Pro-Bot Emulator with a Pro-Bot special price until the end of the year! Pair actual and virtual Pro-Bots and take programming to the next level.

"Turtle Tuesdays" Bring Logo Challenges
Looking for a Logo coding challenge? Just wait until Tuesday! Each Tuesday, Terrapin releases a design to draw with the Logo turtle. Though the designs appear complex, most can be recreated with a single line of code. Each challenge suggests variations and extensions to encourage customization and additional exploration.

Stumped? Solutions to each challenge appear the following week. Miss a challenge or want to review the solution? Visit the "Turtle Tuesdays" archive.

If you don't yet have Terrapin Logo, you can try out two "Turtle Tuesdays" with the 14-day free trial. Many challenges can also be completed with Pro-Bot or the Pro‑Bot Emulator.

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