Terrapin Resources

Welcome to Turtle Tuesdays!

Turtle Tuesdays offers fun programming challenges for Logo and (sometimes) Pro-Bot and Kinderlogo users.
Weekly challenges are posted every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram.

Easier designs and project ideas await younger learners, while older students will puzzle out more difficult challenges. All students will enjoy varying their code to create personalized results. In the process, they will learn new commands and exciting ways to use them.

“So incredibly important to start our youngest learners on a path to coding literacy - this program is engaging and effective.” ~ Eileen H.

All the challenges are archived here, with solutions provided in the PDFs in the sidebar. Some challenges have smaller components that can be done with Pro-Bots, as noted for each one. Encourage students to work collaboratively to complete challenges.

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Challenge No. 73 - February 20, 2024

for Logo, Pro-Bot, and Kinderlogo users

Can you draw some letters and their outlines?

Challenge No. 72 - February 13, 2024

for Logo users

Can you get the turtle to juggle balls? Use the images in the Toolbox.

Challenge No. 71 - February 6, 2024

for Logo, Pro-Bot, and Kinderlogo users

Can you draw this design using REPEAT?
With Pro-Bot, you can store a set of instructions in a procedure, and then use it in a REPEAT loop.
At Level 5 in Kinderlogo, you can store a set of instructions with a letter name, and then repeat it.