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Volume 18, Number 4 -----------------------------------------Spring 2023
Welcome to the Spring 2023 issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's email newsletter with the latest news, announcements, stories, tips, and tools!
New! Pro-Bot Lessons & Guided Explorations
Newly released Pro-Bot Lessons helps you get the most from Pro-Bot. Guided explorations for teachers and accompanying lessons for students include dozens of classroom and online activities to keep Pro-Bot on the move.

Pro-Bot is the natural next step after Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot. Students can use Pro-Bot just like Bee-Bot to start. Then they gradually learn to specify turn angles, explore repeat loops, write and edit procedures, and experiment with bumper, light, and sound sensors. The coding possibilities are endless! With Pro-Bot Lessons, the fun little robot becomes a powerful teaching and learning tool.

Teachers can use the "How To" sections to learn about more advanced features and refer to tutorial videos for step-by-step training.

Students record commands on the "Try it" activity worksheets, check off progress in the Student Log, and practice new skills in a progression of exercises, including several open-ended ones. Terrapin's Route Mat can be used in additional challenges. So, when you order Pro-Bot Lessons, add some Route Mats, too!

Give the online activities below a try. All use the Pro-Bot emulator, which is incorporated into Pro-Bot Lessons online activities. They are more challenging than they look!
Pro-Bot Lessons is available in one-, two-, or three-year subscriptions. As a site license, one Pro-Bot Lessons subscription may be used throughout an entire school site. License renewals are half-price!
Chromebooks + Terrapin = A Winning Combo
Terrapin products are designed to be used with a variety of devices and most are compatible with Chromebooks.

Chrome is the only browser that supports Bluetooth, a capability that Terrapin uses to power apps for Bluetooth-enabled Blue-Bot and Tuff-Bot, which you can control from Chromebooks.

Use the USB port and built-in camera software on Chromebooks in conjunction with Easi-Scope (USB) and Flexi-Scope digital microscopes. Use this external camera to explore a hidden world and capture images and videos to view on Chromebook In this video, Easi-Scope gives us a close-up look at a caterpillar!

Optimize your school's Chromebooks by pairing them with Terrapin products.

Updated online Resources offer new customer stories, product user guides, newsletter archives, Logo support, FAQs, and much more!
Additional Bee-Bot Lessons provide at least one lesson for each day of the school year! Preview the lessons and online activities!
TacTile Readers, great for programming Blue-Bots and
Tuff-Bots remotely, are back in stock and ready to ship.
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