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Volume 18, Number 5 -----------------------------------------Summer 2023
Welcome to the Summer 2023 issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's email newsletter with the latest news, announcements, stories, tips, and tools!
Control Blue-Bot with New Emulator
Terrapin's new Blue-Bot Emulator lets students practice Blue-Bot programming online. When used with a browser that supports Bluetooth, such as Chrome and Chromebooks, students can control an actual Blue-Bot. Just click the Bluetooth icon to connect the emulator to a nearby Blue-Bot.

Similar to the popular Bee-Bot Emulator, the Blue-Bot Emulator offers an interface that matches the buttons on the robot. Click the button images with the mouse to enter a program and see it displayed below. Then click GO to see Blue-Bot on screen and, if connected, have a nearby Blue-Bot simultaneously follow the program. Each step is highlighted in the program listing as it executes.

The Blue-Bot Emulator offers access to Blue-Bot's special online features of repeating and turning 45 degrees. Just select the additional capability in the Level drop-down menu.

Terrapin's Baseball Mat is a great way to experiment with Blue-Bot's special features. Blue-Bot can face the pitcher and then turn 45 degrees to head for first base. Repeat a base run and turn four times for a home run. Play ball!

Build a Community for Your 'Bots
Create a community for robots to explore with the 3D Community Construction Kit. The Kit includes boxes and colorful decals to easily construct community buildings such as a school, post office, police station, bank, pizza parlor, and more.

The standalone buildings may be configured into an infinite variety of street patterns and positioned to match the scale of different robots. Use with all of Terrapin's robots, including Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, Tuff-Bot, Pro-Bot, and InO-Bot.

Community buildings are recognized by Tuff-Bot's built-in obstacle avoidance. Encourage students to teach Tuff-Bot to find its own path through the town.

The Kit includes decals and boxes for 12 pre-designed buildings along with 3 blank "buildings" that students can decorate themselves. Draw or paste images of local buildings and landmarks to personalize the community. Creating a classroom community can be an art project as well as a social studies lesson.

Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Step Rulers are a great way to measure community distances and add a math component. Place Robot Sensors around the town to add fun and surprising verbal feedback as robots rove the streets and turn the corners!

Terrapin Logo is now available in a screen reader-friendly version for the visually impaired. Just check the box on login.
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