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Volume 19, Number 1 ----------------------------Back to School 2023
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New! Even More Logo Coding Ideas
Terrapin has expanded, revised, and re-released 101 Ideas for Logo as an online digital resource. 101+ Ideas for Logo includes Logo coding challenges for all skill levels—from drawing simple designs to creating complex projects. The ideas encourage students to explore graphics, multiple turtles, animation, word play, music, numbers, and all aspects of Logo.
A Terrapin Logo license includes 101+ Ideas for Logo as well as Logo Works: Lessons in Logo, a step-by-step tutorial in Logo programming. This combination of "how to" and "what can you do" makes Terrapin Logo an even more powerful environment for learning and discovery.

What do students gain from using Logo? Academic research with 85 fifth graders has shown that over a span of just eight weeks, Logo programming improved their creativity and problem-solving skills.
New to Logo? Sign up for the 14-day Logo free trial. Use your Logo login code to log into Terrapin Logo, 101+ Ideas for Logo, and Logo Works: Lessons in Logo and see for yourself how learning can be so much fun!

The Logo Turtle Comes to Life
Bring the Logo turtle off the screen and out into the world with the InO-Bot turtle robot! Send InO-Bot around the classroom with the same commands used to move the Logo turtle around the screen.

Connect InO-Bot to Terrapin Logo with a simple command or by clicking the Bluetooth icon. The screen turtle becomes an InO-Bot image and all movement commands are executed on screen and by InO-Bot at the same time.

InO-Bot holds a pen that you can raise and lower so it can draw just like the screen turtle, a feature that motivates and challenges students. With InO-Bot and a Dry Erase Mat, students can create exciting designs.

A Terrapin Logo Multi-User License now comes with InO-Bot as a special bonus. Combine Logo with a turtle robot to boost learning and fun in the classroom!

Curriculum for Classroom Robots
Use Terrapin online curriculum to expand the use of Bee-Bots, Blue-Bots, and Pro-Bots in the classroom. These highly flexible robots can help achieve a variety of teaching goals that tie directly to curriculum standards.

Bee-Bot Lessons includes lesson plans for using Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to teach subjects across the K-2 curriculum, from math to reading to social studies. Each lesson comes with images to print and place on the Card Mat to teach the concept. Bee-Bot Lessons is integrated with the Bee-Bot Emulator so students can learn online as well.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot offers series of sequential challenges using Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Print the challenge sheets and distribute to students to solve. As students master a challenge, they advance to a more difficult one to continue to develop their skills.

Pro-Bot Lessons provides guided explorations to help students learn and use the many features of Pro-Bot robots. Pro-Bot Lessons is integrated with the Pro-Bot Emulator so students can explore online as well as with actual Pro-Bots.

Terrapin curriculum is regularly updated and expanded. Subscribe for one, two, or three years, then renew at half price when your subscription period is over.

help students understand material properties and search for hidden "treasures."
The Tuff-Bot Emulator lets students practice all aspects of Tuff-Bot programming online.
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