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Volume 19, Number 2 -------------------------------------------Fall 2023

Welcome to the Fall issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's email newsletter with the latest news, announcements, stories, tips, and tools!

Blue-Bot adds remote control to Bee-Bot

Do you want to control a Bee-Bot from afar? Try a Blue-Bot! Blue-Bot is Bee-Bot with Bluetooth. Not only does Blue-Bot operate just like Bee-Bot, but you can also control it with a Chromebook, PC, tablet, or the special hands-on, keyboard-free TacTile Code Reader.

Code Blue-Bot using its buttons and press GO to send it on its way, just like Bee-Bot. Alternatively, use the Blue-Bot Emulator to enter commands to send to Blue-Bot. Do the same with a tablet and the free Blue-Bot tablet app from the app store.

Most exciting is the TacTile Code Reader, a special device just for Blue-Bot. Students line up tiles on the TacTile Reader, each showing a Blue-Bot command, and then press GO on it to send the program to Blue-Bot, which follows each highlighted command step-by-step. Just rearrange the tiles to change the program.

Remote control also opens new hidden features for Blue-Bot coding such as 45° turns and repeat sequences, giving students additional programming challenges.

Want to try Blue-Bot, the remote control Bee-Bot? Terrapin is offering a 25% discount on a Blue-Bot or a Blue Connection bundle (Blue-Bot + TacTile Code Reader) with free shipping on everything in the same shopping cart through December 31. Just enter discount code BEEREMOTE when you place an order or create a quote on the Terrapin website.

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Microscopes open invisible worlds

The release of Life Magnified stamps is a reminder from the U.S. Postal Service that beautiful worlds exist beyond our sight. This is exciting news to young students who often don't realize there is much in the world around them that they don't see.

Terrapin's digital microscopes bring this concept to life. Designed for young children's hands, Easi-Scope (USB), Easi-Scope (Wireless), and Flexi-Scope encourage students to explore their environment and make and share discoveries. Students find exciting details in plants, bugs, book covers, cloth, and even their own hands when they look at these items with a microscope.

Microscopes can also allow you to examine wet samples using the special LiveSlide® display slide. What can you now see in a drop of water from an aquarium, puddle, or pond?

To encourage exploration, Terrapin has lowered prices on digital microscopes and is offering a free LiveSlide® with the purchase of each digital microscope through December 31. Try one out and let your students discover what they haven't seen!

Learn more about Terrapin's digital microscopes...


opens the rich Logo environment to the youngest learners.

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101+ Ideas for Logo

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