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Terrapin Logo 5 Release Notes

5.2.222971 10/24/22

The desktop versions now loads the Blocks panel from a local file instead of the server.

5.2.222920 10/19/22

Logo minor version bumped to 5.2 for technical reasons.

Logo editor: If a TO command had an error (like e.g. ‘TO SQUARE 1’), the error message was not displayed.

5.1.222020 07/21/22

SETBOUNDS does not throw on inputs that are too large, but limits them to max 1000.

5.1.220750 03/16/22

Commands like SETXY now adjust for internal rounding errors when using SETSPEED other than 1.

5.1.220660 03/07/22

SETSHAPE and DRAW did not reset the size of a widget if it was altered with the SIZE property. Updated the help to the latest version.

5.1.220630 03/04/22

Each widget has a new property WRAPMODE that, if not set to DEFAULT, overrides the wrap mode set at the Graphics window. This lets widgets use different wrap modes.

5.1.220590 02/28/22

Updated the internal UI framework to the latest release; added the FREEZEPIC and UNFREEZEPIC commands.

5.1.220480 02/17/22

All READxxx commands did not return an empty list or empty word on empty lines, but rather skipped them. This fix may break existing programs which, for example, rely on user input from the keyboard not being empty.

Widget movements have been updated to 30 frames per second, which makes movements much smoother.

5.1.213600 12/26/21

We removed the ability to define a password for the login code log-in. People have confused the Logo password with their Magento password often enough, and it has created some support workload.

5.1.210380 02/07/21

  • SNAP, LOADPIC and SAVEPIC have a new MODE input that can select between background and drawing.
  • Enhanced Load/Save/Print Graphics dialogs.
  • PE did not erase properly.

5.1.202461 09/02/20

  • Added a Select Layout dialog.
  • Added a button to the Help panel to display the current page in a separate browser tab.
  • 5.1.202390 08/26/20

  • Created a custom version of a list box that displays properly on tables and phones.
  • Fixed clipboard issues.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated saves of the editor saved into the “Terrapin Logo” folder.
  • iOS devices are prevented from playing sounds.
  • Hit testing has been added.

5.1.202322 08/19/20

Commands for Tuff-Bot have been added. These begin with TUFFBOT, and are very similar to Blue-Bot commands. Also, the free trial has been removed in favor of free 14-day login codes.

5.1.202230 08/10/20

This desktop fix display a message box if the Logo executable is from 2019 or below - too much has changed internally to keep backwards compatibility with older desktop releases.

5.1.201730 06/21/20

LOAD, LOADPIC, LOADSHAPE etc cannot load from disk anymore from within a Logo program. Use the new FILECHOOSER control instead, and use GPROP “chooser “FILE as input for these commands.

5.1.201490 05/28/20

  • Online help was switched to the new resources server.
  • Controls did not display well on Chrome if the display was zoomed.
  • KEY did not report shifted letters correctly.

5.1.201290 05/08/20

The URLs in environment files were not compatible across browser and desktop versions of Logo.

5.1.200930 04/02/20

Browser specific fixes:

  • Edge did not honor the INDEX property of a LISTBOX.
  • Safari and Firefox reported images sizes incorrectly sometimes.
  • Better Bluetooth error messages for Opera and Edge.
  • Firefox drew a border around STATICTEXT controls, and did not honor the BORDER property for GRID.
  • Fixed a Safari bug where reloading the same image did not fire any events.
  • Logo hung during startup if Firefox launched the window in private mode.

5.1.200850 03/25/20

  • Bluetooth and ProBot have been enabled for the trial version.
  • Cut/copy/paste now use the high level browser events. The trial version lets you not use copy/paste to move source code between Logo and another app anymore.
  • Minor bug fixes.

5.1.200770 03/17/20

  • The name of an image loaded with LOADSNAP contained the file extension (eg .PNG).
  • LOADSNAP crashed with a JavaScript error.

5.1.200730 03/13/20

  • Added TELL list contents to undo actions.

5.1.200710 03/11/20

  • Windows: UNC paths were converted to local paths when saving a file
  • Desktop release: When saving a file failed, no error message was displayed.