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Terrapin Logo 5 Release Notes

5.1.202461 09/02/20

  • Added a Select Layout dialog.
  • Added a button to the Help panel to display the current page in a separate browser tab.
  • 5.1.202390 08/26/20

  • Created a custom version of a list box that displays properly on tables and phones.
  • Fixed clipboard issues.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated saves of the editor saved into the “Terrapin Logo” folder.
  • iOS devices are prevented from playing sounds.
  • Hit testing has been added.

5.1.202322 08/19/20

Commands for Tuff-Bot have been added. These begin with TUFFBOT, and are very similar to Blue-Bot commands. Also, the free trial has been removed in favor of free 14-day login codes.

5.1.202230 08/10/20

This desktop fix display a message box if the Logo executable is from 2019 or below - too much has changed internally to keep backwards compatibility with older desktop releases.

5.1.201730 06/21/20

LOAD, LOADPIC, LOADSHAPE etc cannot load from disk anymore from within a Logo program. Use the new FILECHOOSER control instead, and use GPROP “chooser “FILE as input for these commands.

5.1.201490 05/28/20

  • Online help was switched to the new resources server.
  • Controls did not display well on Chrome if the display was zoomed.
  • KEY did not report shifted letters correctly.

5.1.201290 05/08/20

The URLs in environment files were not compatible across browser and desktop versions of Logo.

5.1.200930 04/02/20

Browser specific fixes:

  • Edge did not honor the INDEX property of a LISTBOX.
  • Safari and Firefox reported images sizes incorrectly sometimes.
  • Better Bluetooth error messages for Opera and Edge.
  • Firefox drew a border around STATICTEXT controls, and did not honor the BORDER property for GRID.
  • Fixed a Safari bug where reloading the same image did not fire any events.
  • Logo hung during startup if Firefox launched the window in private mode.

5.1.200850 03/25/20

  • Bluetooth and ProBot have been enabled for the trial version.
  • Cut/copy/paste now use the high level browser events. The trial version lets you not use copy/paste to move source code between Logo and another app anymore.
  • Minor bug fixes.

5.1.200770 03/17/20

  • The name of an image loaded with LOADSNAP contained the file extension (eg .PNG).
  • LOADSNAP crashed with a JavaScript error.

5.1.200730 03/13/20

  • Added TELL list contents to undo actions.

5.1.200710 03/11/20

  • Windows: UNC paths were converted to local paths when saving a file
  • Desktop release: When saving a file failed, no error message was displayed.