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Volume 19, Number 5 --- -----------------------------------Spring 2024

Welcome to the spring issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's email newsletter with the latest news, announcements, stories, tips, and tools!

'Bots and Snakes and Ladders, Oh My!

Terrapin's new Snakes and Ladders Mat for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot adapts this fun game of math and chance to the classroom.

Roll the die and send the 'bot forward that many squares. Land on a ladder and climb up, but land on a snake and slide down! The first 'bot to complete the trip from squares 1 to 36 wins.

Practice Snakes and Ladders in the Bee-Bot Emulator, Blue-Bot Emulator, and Pro-Bot Emulator with the built-in die. Add exciting competition in the classroom with multiple 'bots on the mat.

The Snakes and Ladder Mat measures 36" by 36" and comes with a bright yellow foam die and instruction card. Get one now to take advantage of the introductory discount.

Learn more about the Snakes and Ladder Mat...

Logo Code Combines Art, Math, and Music

Terrapin Logo is an easy-to-use programming language whose broad capabilities spark creativity and offer a fun environment to explore. Students are motivated to experiment with Logo's power and design projects that expand their own learning.

Logo enthusiast Marc Weyl created a simple, but impressive Logo program titled "A Single Line" that combines graphics with music to create a moving art presentation. The short Logo program starts with a single straight line on the screen and manipulates it mathematically into increasingly complex shapes made of a single unbroken line. View a video of the outcome and view the program behind the art.

The Logo community shares ideas and inspirations. Many of these are in Terrapin's Program Library. Contact us to contribute yours!

Terrapin offers Terrapin Logo for both schools and homes. Try it out with a 14-day free trial.

Learn about Terrapin Logo...

For a limited time, get a FREE camera with each Pro-Bot Six Pack and watch what the robot sees.

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