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2023-2024 School Year

May 2024 Issue Coding Journeys, Coding to Learn, Bee-Bot Mats

March 2024 Issue Dancing with Robots, Lending Library, New Bee-Bot Lessons Additions

January 2024 Issue Exploring Math with Blue-Bot, Bee-Bot Parade, Bee-Bots Around the World

November 2023 Issue Research, Emulator Features, Calendar Mats, “52 Ideas for Kinderlogo

September 2023 Issue Announcing Kinderlogo, Tennessee Initiative, Bee-Bot vs. Blue-Bot, Spooky Sounds

2022-2023 School Year

June 2023 Issue Ideas for Mats, Accessories Chart, Blue-Bot Curriculum, Unplug your ‘Bots!, New Emulator Features

April 2023 Issue Funding for Robots, Sensors,
Bee-Bot Research, AI Poetry

February 2023 Issue Blue-Bot Delivery Service, More Bee-Bot Dances, Bee-Bots for Specialists, NCCE

December 2022 Issue Next Step: Pro-Bot, Charging Tips, Bee-Bot Dances

October 2022 Issue Bee-Bot Lessons Gets an Update, Bee-Bot Quick Start Guide