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Creative Math Activities for Young Learners

Kinderlogo is a collection of online activities for young learners written in the Logo language. It uses single keystrokes that students can use to explore math and create drawings. Kinderlogo offers the same excitement in learning and discovery that Logo does.

From drawing simple designs using F for forward, R for right turn, and L for left turn, students can ultimately name sets of instructions and repeat them to create complex pictures. The concept of creating building blocks to use in their drawings is fundamental to coding at all levels. Kinderlogo is a great addition to your STEM/STEAM program.

This section contains the Teacher Guide to help educators determine if Kinderlogo will benefit their students. To try out some of the activities, use the “Preview Kinderlogo” link below. Watch for a 30-day trial of Kinderlogo, coming soon!

Each of Kinderlogo’s five levels introduces new commands. The teacher resources include sample projects, lessons, and activities.

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Kinderlogo Resources