Terrapin Resources

Terrapin Logo 4 has been discontinued! Our new Terrapin Logo version is much more powerful and modern; we strongly recommend that you update to our latest release of the Logo programming language.

Terrapin Logo 4

Welcome to the Terrapin Logo 4 homepage!

This page lists all available resources for Terrapin Logo 4. It provides help if you have problems with the installation process; it offers tutorials, manuals, and a complete command reference. For the curious, it lists hints and tips for better programming.

Logo Installation

We provide detailed installation instructions for those who are not that familiar with the installation and setup of software on your PC or Mac. Please click one of the links below for more information.

Logo Help

Logo Help offers definitions and examples for all Logo commands organized both alphabetically and by subject area. Logo Help is available here as well as from within Terrapin Logo.

Logo Documentation

The Getting Started Guide and Quick Reference Manual provide a quick overview of Terrapin Logo to help get you started writing Logo programs. These are also included with the Terrapin Logo download.

You can program our new Click here for details. Also, you can program the This page contains all you need to know.

Logo Tutorial

The Logo Tutorial offers a “how to” introduction to different Logo areas, including turtle graphics, file management, data, music, interactive programs, and more.

Logo Tips and Tools

Check out the Logo Tips and Tools for ideas for getting the most out of Terrapin Logo, features you may have overlooked, and settings that customize it for particular uses.

Logo Projects and Examples

Logo programs and projects ranging from the simple to the elaborate illustrating different features of Terrapin Logo and the wide range of programming of which Logo is capable. Source code for the projects and examples can be examined and provides a wealth of ideas that can be used in your own programs.