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Volume 15, Number 6        
Summer 2020   
Welcome to the Summer 2020 issue of Turtle Talk, the Terrapin newsletter. Wash your hands often and stay safe!   
Code Outdoors with Tuff-Bot
Tuff-Bot programable robot tuff enough for outdoors
Tuff-Bot: Rugged enough for outdoors
With warmer weather enticing, Tuff-Bot, the latest addition to Terrapin's line of coding robots is a fun way to take learning outdoors.  
Tuff-Bot works great in the classroom but is rugged enough to traverse the gym, venture into the schoolyard, cross the ballfield, and go beyond.

Oversize wheels allow Tuff-Bot to traverse uneven terrain and multiple speeds let it adapt to a range of environments. Tuff-Bot is outdoor and coding friendly with many features:
  • 3 speed settings for different surfaces
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • 45-degree turn capability
  • Step-by-step or smooth movement
  • Memory of up to 256 commands
  • Hole for a camera mount
Tuff-Bot may be programmed via on-board buttons, remotely via a free tablet app, or paired with the TacTile Reader.

You can even enhance Tuff-Bot with vision by adding a wi-fi enabled Robot Camera, capable of stills, video, and playback

Learn at Home with Terrapin Resources
Terrapin offers a variety of resources for online and home learning.

Teachers, parents, and grandparents around the globe use Terrapin products and resources for home and distance learning. These interactive resources offer fun learning opportunities and connections between students, teachers, and friends and family.

In New ZealandJohn Hayes uses Terrapin Logo to create and publish online programs to help his grandchildren with math and geometry. "I'm excited about putting exercises online to help my grandchildren. During this lockdown we can't have them come into our bubble."  Try John's angle estimation game or choose among the other Logo apps posted by Logo programmers.

Diana Fisher in Oregon uses Terrapin Logo and Skype to teach her grandson coding.  Together they created complex shapes with variables and colors, and played music. Her grandson now writes his own procedures and has noticeably improved typing. 

Noel Farrell at Leonardtown Elementary School in Maryland and Heather Christopher at Cranbury School in New Jersey encourage their kindergarten and first graders to recall classroom skills using Bee-Bot and work with their parents to complete online exercises using the Bee-Bot Emulator.

Tracy Mercier at VR2LTCH posts coding videos and instructs students to use the Bee-Bot Emulator to decompose the code.

Keep learning going even out of the classroom with Terrapin's online resources!
Expand Logo Programming Skills
Logo is the first coding app designed for children. From the start, Terrapin expanded and enhanced Logo based on the "no floor, no ceiling" philosophy - easy for beginners with no limits on how far students can go. Now accessible online, Terrapin Logo is a great tool for home and distance learning.

Terrapin offers family and school Logo licenses.  Multi-user school licenses allow a teacher to manage student access, organize students into work groups, and communicate directly with students via Logo, an ideal situation for remote learning.

In addition to a full set of beloved turtle graphics (with up to 100 turtles!) the latest version of Logo lets you:
Terrapin Logo may be used online and/or as an installed program on Windows or Mac.  A Logo license provides access from any device. In addition, Terrapin offers a full range of resources to inspire and support Logo programming. Try Terrapin Logo for free to explore the Logo environment.  
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Digital Microscope Combo Set
The new 
offers special savings when purchasing an Easi-Scope with Flexi-Scope.  Bring the 'scope to the sample with Easi-Scope and bring the sample to the 'scope with Flexi-Scope.
Free Ino-Bot with multi-user license
Did you know that you get a FREE InO-Bot with the purchase of a Terrapin Logo Multi-User License?
InO-Bot brings the Logo screen turtle to life in the real world!
One key Logo drawing
The youngest learners can start using Logo by pressing single keys to move and draw with the Logo screen turtle.  Try the OneKey Logo App online or load the OneKey program into Terrapin Logo from the Logo Program Library.
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