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Volume I, Issue 5 ~ June 2023


Bee-Bot Buzz helps you make the most of the Bee-Bots and Blue‑Bots in your school. Learn how to engage students in curriculum concepts and problem-solving using these fun robots and find out how other educators are using them.

In this issue:

  • New! Lesson Ideas for Mats and Other Accessories
  • Bilingual Blue-Bot Curriculum (Spanish/English)
  • New Features in the Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Emulators
  • Unplug Your 'Bots! (When you need to charge them, try these tools!)
  • Quick Links to Free Resources

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New! Lesson Ideas for Mats and Other Accessories

The Product Resources section of our website is growing! This helpful chart lists all the accessories and the robots they work best with. Click to view the new accessories webpage.

accessories-CC image

Plus, newly-developed lesson ideas help you get the most out of these accessories. For example, here are ideas for the Country Road Mat and the Bee-Signer Jackets. Click the links below to view details about each accessory and classroom tips.

Bilingual Blue-Bot Curriculum Engages Students Using Books

Our friends at the Latino STEM Alliance in the Boston Public Schools are empowering underserved students with their extensive use of Blue-Bots.

Lauren Cooke, who leads this program, tells us: "We pride ourselves on having really close relationships with educators. We piloted a variety of early ed products for teachers who were interested in exploring, but had trouble finding just the right fit. When we discovered Blue-Bots, we wanted all of our early learning partners to have them."

The Latino STEM Alliance has now developed its own K–3 Blue-Bot Curriculum, available for teachers everywhere to use for free.

At each grade level, a short bilingual book serves as a focal point for 4 lessons. Students build 3-dimensional scenes, create maps, and provide other ways for Blue-Bot to tell the story.

Even if your program isn't bilingual, these well-thought-out lessons are worth checking out.

For schools that have bilingual programs, Terrapin offers a printed Alphabet Mat in Spanish. Students can use the same mat online in the Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot emulator.

Click here to read the entire Customer Story about the Latino STEM Alliance.

New Features in the Emulators

Students can engage with robots online using the Bee-Bot emulator and Blue-Bot emulator right in their web browsers, including on Chromebooks.

Explore these new enhancements!

  • Click the Talk to me! box and hear each command speak when you click its button and when each command is run. This gives audio feedback and confirmation for students who may need it.

  • In the Blue-Bot emulator, you can code repeat loops and 45-degree turns. Just set the level to enable these features. Use Blue-Bot to play ball—either online in the emulator or with the printed Baseball Mat.

  • With the new Square Mat with Pen Holder mat in the Bee-Bot emulator, you can experiment with a Bee-Bot that draws with its pen at the front, not at its center, like Pro-Bot. The results may not be what you expect! Students can record the commands they used and then try them with Bee-Bot wearing a pen in the Pen Holder Jacket on a Dry Erase Mat.

  • Select a command and use the new Delete Cmd button to remove it from the list at the bottom. This gives students more flexibility as they program and can aid in debugging their code.

  • A new description at the right of each online mat describes its purpose and links to more details and lesson ideas that you can use in your classroom.

  • The button layout in both emulators is now resized to better suit smaller devices.

Wearing a virtual Pen Holder Jacket, Bee-Bot can draw interesting designs in the emulator.

Click the Delete Cmd button to remove the highlighted command at the bottom.

Unplug Your 'Bots! (When you need to charge them, try these tools!)

Important message for the end of the school year:

Unplug all your 'bots before you leave for summer vacation. Don't leave 'bots charging all summer or even over a weekend! As we mentioned in the December 2022 Bee-Bot Buzz, overcharging your 'bots can cause overheating and render them useless. We want to make sure you start the next school year with Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots that still work!

In the fall, when you need to charge multiple 'bots at the same time, try these accessories:

Our new Six-Bot USB Charger is an easy way to charge up to 6 robots at once. Plug it into a wall outlet, and then plug in up to 6 robots using their USB cables for speedy charging. It automatically adjusts for optimal charging for each device. It's a great, cost-effective solution for your school (or even your home) at just $29.95.

The Docking Station stores and charges up to six Bee-Bots and/or Blue-Bots at once from a single outlet. Just plug in the Docking Station and place up to six 'bots in the specially-designed docking ports After spending a few hours in the Docking Station, Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots are fully-charged and ready for fun and learning in the classroom.

Quick Links to Free Resources

Bee-Bot Lessons ~ Explore 190 lessons and 580+ online activities for K–2 learners in all curriculum areas. Preview it!

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot ~ 150 challenges to complete in the classroom or online. Preview it!

Pro-Bot Lessons ~ Guided explorations, videos, and tips help teachers learn about this fun 'bot. Students navigate Pro-Bot on the floor or online in dozens of activities. Preview it!

Bee-Bot Online (free) ~ Explore with Bee-Bot in your web browser using a variety of mats.

Blue-Bot Online (free) ~ Choose a skill level and expand learning to include angles and loops.

We Want to Hear from You!

We'd love your feedback on our products and suggestions for new content and features. Send your ideas to beebotbuzz@terrapinlogo.com.

Do you have photos or videos of students using Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots that you have permission to share? We'd love to see them and perhaps feature them in a Bee-Bot Buzz or in a Customer Story on our website.

How have you been able to fund robotics purchases? Let us know so we can share your strategies.

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