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Volume II, Issue 5 ~ May 2024


Bee-Bot Buzz helps you make the most of the Bee-Bots, Blue‑Bots, and other related technology products for the young learners in your school. Learn how to engage students in curriculum concepts and problem-solving using these fun robots and find out how other educators use them.

In this issue:

  • Coding Journeys: Fun Online Mats for Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot
  • Coding to Learn: No Fear Coding Helps Teachers Get Started
  • These Bee-Bot Mats Have So Many Uses!
  • Quick Links to Resources

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New! Coding Journeys (free online mats)

A Dozen Sets of Mats to Explore!

How are Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, and Pro-Bot the same?

How are they different? These mats help you find out.

Have your students try these online mats using all three 'bots. In the process, you'll see which robots are best for your learners. Are they ready to use more turns? Could they understand a repeat loop? Find out with these fun activities.

As they explore a dozen journeys for each robot, students will practice math, spelling, science, geography, and history.

Try the Coding Journeys with your students as the school year winds down. Send them home for the summer with this link to all the Coding Journeys to practice at home!

Coding to Learn: No Fear Coding Helps Teachers Get Started

When they read No Fear Coding: Computational Thinking Across the K–5 Curriculum by Heidi Williams, teachers will learn not only why it is important for children to learn to code, but also how they can best guide their students through the process.

First up in the chapter titled “Why Teach with Physical Computing Devices” is Bee-Bot. As Williams explains, “The Bee-Bot is one example of the tools available to start a learner on the road to mastering computation and critical-thinking skills. This bee-shaped, programmable, physical computing device makes the essential skill of sequencing easy.”

Williams introduces Dr. Norman Webb’s “Depth of Knowledge” framework and how it can be applied to Bee-Bots. The framework categorizes educational activities according to their level of complex thinking and considers how deeply students must understand and be aware of their own learning. (Click to enlarge the image at the right.)

Heidi Williams is a passionate coding and computational thinking advocate with 25+ years of experience in education as a teacher, differentiation specialist, technology integration specialist, instructional coach, gifted and talented coordinator, elementary principal, and K-8 director of curriculum.

Read more about her book in her Customer Story on our website.

These Bee-Bot Mats Have So Many Uses!

These versatile Bee-Bot mats were created by Ginger Neely, computer science teacher at Hilham Elementary School in Overton County, Tennessee. She received her robots and related materials through the "Reach Them All" initiative that provided robots to all elementary schools in Tennessee.

Mrs. Neely is putting these teaching tools to good use! She sent us photos of mats she had created and asked if it were possible to have Online Emulator versions of them for her students to use with their Chromebooks. We were happy to do so, and also to share the mats with all teachers.

You can read the Customer Story about how Mrs. Neely uses these mats with Kindergarten through Grade 5 students. Although the mats appear to focus on colors and numbers, they can also be used in any content area. The difficulty of the activities can be adjusted for students as well. She makes a point to involve content area teachers, who provide Yes/No questions for students to answer using these mats.

Try the mats by clicking on the images at the right. You can also download the cards she uses in many of the activities.

As Mrs. Neely explains, "You can use these very basic mats with all age groups in so many different ways. The options are limited only by your ideas!"

Have you created a mat that you would love to use in the Online Emulator and share with others? Just Contact Us and we'll see what we can do!

Mrs. Neely sent us photos.

We created emulator mats.

(Click the images to open them.)

Bee-Bot Online Emulator

5 x 5 Grid Mat

Bee-Bot Online Emulator

6 x 4 Grid Mat

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This one is for May!

Celebrate World Bee Day

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52 Ideas for Kinderlogo ~ free booklet

A great way to get started using Kinderlogo.

Bee-Bot Online Emulator (free) ~ Explore with Bee-Bot in your web browser using a variety of mats.

Blue-Bot Online Emulator (free) ~ Navigate Blue-Bot using both 45° and 90° angles and repeat loops.

Pro-Bot Online Emulator (free) ~

Are you ready to explore Pro-Bot's bumper sensors? Here's how!


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