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If you cannot find the answer to your question about Terrapin Logo using the documentation and on-line resources such as these FAQs, send your question to Terrapin. We strive to respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

For all questions about your robot, please refer to the Robot Questions page.

For questions around licensing, shipping and more, please read the Common Questions page.


Does Terrapin Logo work with my operating system?

The desktop version of Terrapin Logo requires at least Windows 7 (64 bit) or Mac OS Yosemite to run.

The Web version runs on all modern browsers except for Internet Explorer, including almost all handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How do I know which version of Terrapin Logo I have?

The most accurate way to determine the version of Terrapin Logo that you are using is to type VER (for version) in the Listener window. The VER command returns the version number and date.

It is important for Terrapin’s technical support staff to know which version of Terrapin Logo you are using in order to best assist you.

How can I install Terrapin Logo on my Mac?

Double-click the downloaded DMG file to open the contents, and simply drag the Terrapin Logo icon into your Applications folder.

Does my license code work with both the desktop and web versions?

Yes, it does! Feel free to download the desktop version, which does not require an Internet connection to work.

Where will Logo store my files?

The web version does not have any control about where to store your files on the local PC; the browser does this for you. Your files end up in the browser’s Downloads folder. If there already is a file with the desired name, the browser appends a number to the file name. If you, for example, save ‘‘MYFILE.LGO’’ twice, your Downloads folder will contain the files ‘‘MYFILE.LGO’’ and ‘‘MYFILE (1).LGO’’.

If you prefer to use Logo’s Files panel, your file is stored there, and you need to download the entire contents of the Files panel as a Zip archive file, which again ends up in your Downloads folder. If you have write access to a Dropbox account, you can store your files everywhere in that account.

When the desktop version of Logo launches, it checks the current user’s Documents folder for a subfolder Terrapin Logo. This is the folder that Logo initially uses to load and save files. If the folder does not exist, Logo creates the folder.

Why don’t my graphics print?

Some customers have reported that Terrapin Logo graphics do not print using the Print command on the File menu. This seems to be confined to a limited number of printers and is usually solved by installing the most recent printer driver for the printer model.

Terrapin Logo graphics may be saved in JPG and PNG standard graphics file formats. An easy workaround for any printer problems is to save graphics in a file and then load the file into a graphics program, such as Paintbrush, and print from there.

School Licensing

How does school licensing work?

Terrapin offers its products in convenient and economical formats to facilitate use with multiple students and computers at schools. Terrapin Logo is available in a Multiple Computer License that can be tailored to the number of computers on which it is used. Crystal Rain Forest and Kinderlogo are available as site licenses for school use. Terrapin’s curriculum products, including Logo Works: Lessons in Logo, 101 Ideas for Logo, and Far Out Logo Investigations are available in Class Packs for use with multiple students.

Can my school add computers to its Terrapin Logo Multiple Computer License?

A school may extend the number of computers covered by a previously established Terrapin Logo Multiple Computer License at any time. Contact Terrapin to extend your license.

Can my school convert single-user Terrapin products into a Multiple Computer License?

A school that purchases a single-user version of Terrapin Logo may apply the cost of the single-user version toward a Multiple Computer License or a Site License within one year of the initial purchase.

Can Terrapin Logo be loaded onto the network server?

Terrapin Logo may be loaded from either a network server or from the hard disks of individual machines. Licensing is independent of technology. As long as the computer is covered by a Multiple Computer License, Terrapin Logo may be loaded onto the computer in any manner.

Can a Terrapin Logo Multiple Computer License cover computers in more than one location?

A Terrapin Logo Multiple Computer License can cover computers within a school district or campus that are controlled by the licensing organization. Contact Terrapin for information about licensing multiple schools within a district or multiple sites on a campus. We are happy to work with you to construct a license and provide the materials that best fit your situation.

Can I obtain an evaluation copy? Terrapin Logo is free to try. Simply download Terrapin Logo from the Terrapin website, install the program, and try it out. The free-to-try version has full functionality with the exception of saving files and printing. You can use the free-to-try version of Terrapin Logo as long as you like. To add full functionality to Terrapin Logo, simply purchase a license, download the license file, and install it into Terrapin Logo.

Home Use

How can I get Logo that I or my child is using in school?

Students at schools that have licensed Terrapin products are eligible to purchase the Terrapin programs for use at home at a substantial discount. Each school licensee has been provided with a coupon code that may be used when purchasing Terrapin Logo or other Terrapin products to obtain the discount. Contact your school or teacher to obtain the coupon code for your school.

Will I get the same version that is being used at school?

Terrapin only offers the latest version of its products. This will be the same version that is used at school unless the school has not upgraded to the most recent version. Later versions include new features but always include everything available in a previous version so the version you purchase will be compatible with the one at school. If the school has not upgraded to the most recent version, an economical upgrade path for schools is available.

Do I need a Multiple Computer License?

The Terrapin Logo Multiple Computer License is an economical way for a school to use Terrapin Logo on multiple computers. Terrapin allows the single-user version of Terrapin Logo to be used on more than one computer within a single household without further licensing. A Multiple Computer License is not necessary in that case.

What will help me learn Logo at home?

Terrapin offers a number of aids to help in learning to program with Logo. The Terrapin Logo Tutorial covers the broad range of Logo capabilities with suggested projects and examples for each.

Where can I get ideas for Logo projects?

Conceiving and implementing Logo projects is a fun way to learn and to develop thinking, problem-solving, and programming skills. Terrapin offers many sources of inspiration for Logo projects to try. The example programs in our Logo Library are a great place to start. Terrapin Logo users have posted project ideas on the Terrapin website and you can too when you have your project developed!


What is the current version of Terrapin Logo?

Terrapin Logo/Web is the current version of Terrapin Logo. It was initially released in December 2016. Terrapin always offers the latest version of Terrapin Logo; the web version is updated frequently, so you have the latest additions and fixes at your hand whenever you reload your browser window.

How do I know what version of Terrapin Logo I have?

Logo will tell you the version that is running with the VER command. Start Logo and type VER in the Listener window. The VER command will return the version number and the date of its release. This is important information to include in any inquiry about Logo.

How can I upgrade to the latest version of Terrapin Logo?

Terrapin offers economical upgrade paths to the current version of Terrapin Logo from earlier versions for both those with single-user version and Multiple Computer Licenses. Contact Terrapin to verify your Logo registration and get information on upgrading.

What is the advantage of upgrading?

Terrapin’s philosophy in creating a new version is to maintain all of the features in the previous version while adding new ones, most of which are suggested by users. New features typically make Logo easier to use or extend a current capability further. Those familiar with one version will be comfortable with the new version and can learn about and incorporate the new features as they are ready. Upgrading offers continuity along with the opportunity to expand Logo learning into new areas and with new features.

How do I know what is in an upgrade?

The Terrapin website provides information about the new features of the latest version of Terrapin Logo. Release notes are listed on this page.

Can I upgrade Logo PLUS or PC Logo to Terrapin Logo?

Logo versions published by Terrapin prior to Terrapin Logo, including Logo PLUS for the Macintosh and PC Logo for Windows may upgrade to the current version of Terrapin Logo via an economical upgrade path. Users of the previous versions will find it is easy to get started with Terrapin Logo based on their experience with their earlier version but that Terrapin Logo offers many exciting new features to extend and enhance the Logo experience. Contact Terrapin for information on upgrading.