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Volume 18, Number 3 -----------------------------------------Winter 2023
Welcome to the Winter 2023 issue of Turtle Talk, Terrapin's email newsletter with the latest news, announcements, stories, tips, and tools!
Build Problem-Solving Skills with Bee-Bot
Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot is a newly expanded curriculum that utilizes Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to develop problem-solving skills sequentially. Students start simply and then pursue ever more challenging goals.

Now integrated with the Bee-Bot Emulator, Problem Solving with Bee-Bot may be implemented online as well as in class with Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot and a Card Mat. Over 140 printable exercises challenge students not only to follow paths, but to Find-it, Graph-it, Map-it, Predict-it, and Scramble-it.

Problem-Solving with Bee-Bot is available for one, two, or three year subscriptions. As a site license, it may be used throughout a school site, and includes easy, online student access.

Learn Logo Coding Step-by-Step
Terrapin offers a wealth of resources to support learning to code with Logo, including Logo Works: Lessons in Logo, a step-by-step tutorial. The Logo Works tutorial is included with all Terrapin Logo licenses, including the 14-day free trial.

Logo Works is a series of lessons, each with activities, challenges, and explorations to practice as you learn. Start with moving the turtle and progress through angles, shapes, repeating, procedures, and variables. Complete the tutorial to become a Logo ace!

The online Terrapin Logo Manual provides additional information with chapters on each aspect of the Logo language. Find the command or property you need quickly with the interactive Commands Overview. Consult the Logo bibliography for even more reference information, and the Program Library for example code.

Just for fun, check out Turtle Tuesdays, a Logo programming challenge posted every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram, with solutions the following week.

Turtles really do talk! Scientists discovered that some turtles communicate with sound.

Learn What's All the Buzz About and maybe win a Bee-Bot!
February 1
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The Logo turtle comes to life with InO-Bot. Schools get one free with a Terrapin Logo Multi-User License.
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