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Welcome to Terrapin’s Resources Site!

Terrapin offers a wide range of resources to support its products. These include specific product support information, guides to Logo programming, stories about how customers use Terrapin products, answers to frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, and a variety of archives.

Peruse the table of contents below and click on a link to start exploring. From any page, click our logo at the top left to return to the Terrapin commercial website. Contact Terrapin if you are unable to find the resource you seek, seek an answer to your question, have a suggestion for information to add, or would like to contribute your own project, program, or experience to this site.

Product Information

Customer Stories

Customer Stories show how Terrapin products are used in a wide variety of teaching and learning situations. Select stories from the cloud index based on product, age group, location, subject, and more. You can even select stories that include video to see Terrapin products in action. Tell us your story about how you are using Terrapin products.

Coding Journeys

Coding Journeys allow you and your students to explore and compare Bee-Bots, Blue-Bots, and Pro-Bots. The activities, based on different types of journeys, use Terrapin’s free Online Emulators that run in a browser window. Which robots best fit your students’ skills and interests? These activities will help you find out!

Turtle Talk Newsletter

Turtle Talk is Terrapin’s general newsletter, issued every other month. In each edition you will find new product announcements, a unique customer story, a technical story to enhance your knowledge and use of products, conferences where you can see our products, and more. Visit the Turtle Talk newsletter archive to access current and all past issues.

Bee-Bot Buzz Newsletter

Bee-Bot Buzz is Terrapin’s newsletter about Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots, sent out in months between Turtle Talk newsletters. In each edition you will find tips for using these fun robots with young learners, customer stories, sample lessons, and much more. Visit the Bee-Bot Buzz newsletter archive to access current and all past issues.

“Turtle Tuesdays” Coding Challenges

Turtle Tuesdays offers fun programming challenges for Logo and (sometimes) Pro-Bot. Weekly challenges are posted every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram, with solutions provided the following week. All challenges and solutions are archived here.

Calendar Emulator Mats

Calendar Emulator Mats provide you with an Online Emulator mat for each month. Students can add a circle to the calender to mark the current day, as well as mark holidays and weekends with colorful squares. This adds a fun component to “Calendar Time” in your classroom.

Ordering FAQs

Ordering FAQs provide answers to frequently asked questions about ordering, upgrading, licensing, and interacting with Terrapin.

Battery FAQs

Battery FAQs provides answered to frequently asked questions about maximizing battery life.

Logo FAQs

Logo FAQs offer answers to the most common questions about Terrapin Logo.